Trev’s Times – WEEK SIXTEEN

New week, new edition of Trev’s Times! Week 6, folks. Hope the deadlines aren’t getting too heavy – not long until the Easter hols now! Here’s what’s going on this week.

15 Hour!To those who came on the 15 hour, we hope you guys had a great time! And well done to those who made it to 2am! The photos will be released soon.
Also – if you couldn’t make it but liked our t-shirts, we’ll be selling what’s left of them for £2.50 this week. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info!

Gin Fest

Gin Fest is back! Come down to Trev from Wednesday (21st) to Saturday (24th) for Furness’ annual celebration of all things gin. With plenty of great entertainment, a selection of cocktails and, of course, GIN, we can guarantee a good time.
The weekly quiz will be taken over by Finn (the bar manager) as part of the festival.

Condom Giveaway 

This Wednesday your welfare team will be joining up with the other colleges to give out free condoms and answer all your questions on sexual health and contraception.
Alex Square – 11am-2pm.

Breakfast and Chill

Speaking of welfare, there will be a sexual health breakfast this Friday for you guys to find out even more on the subject. There will be the usual food (plus bananas and condoms). Furness foyer, 11am-2pm.

For more information on what’s going on in Furness welfare-wise, check out the Welfare page.


Last week in sports:
 Football A’s went up against Lonnie in the cup and won 4-1! Well done, lads!
Bar sports went up against Bowland!
Women’s pool won 6-3
Women’s darts won 4-3
Men’s A pool  won 5-4
Men’s B pool won 5-4
Men’s darts won 7-2
Doms won 2-1
Netball A team lost 15-8 to Fylde
Netball B team lost 26-6 to Bowland
Football Bs lost to Grad 6-3
This week:
Bar sports are up against Fylde (Monday/ Tuesday)
Football A’s v Pendle (Wednesday)
Football B’s v Grad (Saturday)
Netball A’s v Lonnie (Monday) and Bowland (Tuesday)
Netball B’s v Lonnie (Wednesday)
Carter Shield
A very well done to everyone who came down to Sunday’s ultimate frisbee tournament for the Carter Shield and WON!! Furness won every game, and have now got themselves to the top of the leaderboard! Not even a 15 Hour hangover can hold us back! I’m so proud!!
And that’s all for now, folks. Hope you guys have a great week. Get stuff done, have your 5 a day, and keep the Netflix binging to a minimum 🙂 See you next time!