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Freshers 2018


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Freshers Welcome

Just as we welcomed our 2017 Freshers with  some of the Lancaster sunshine, we hope to do the same for our 2018 intake.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming you on Saturday 29th September 2018, and our friendly team of helpers will be around to help you get your bearings and to settle in.

You will find further information and advice on everything you need to do from before you begin your journey to Lancaster, to  Arrivals Weekend and beyond here.

Welcome Week is a fun week where we hope you, along with lots of our new Furness Family members, will take part in lots of the College events.  These might be the Jump Rush, the Furness music festival, our Magic Night and fun Casino.  Our Free breakfast certainly goes down well the morning after the Big Night Out!



Rainbow by Dr W Tych


New Friends by Dr W Tych


As usual we will be having our hugely popular Windermere Trip, maybe along with several rainbows!

The BBQ is great too – don’t forget to book at our online store which is will open soon!