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Furness Fresher’s Checklist

Hello Freshers!

Last week we had some room inspiration to get us excited, but what exactly is it you need to bring to university with you? I know that in the month before you move in your life becomes a series of dos, don’ts and must haves. I’m sure your Pinterest boards are pinned to the brim with lists as long as your journey to Lancaster and each conflicts with the last because the truth is, every college in Lancaster is different and so you can only imagine the differences in halls around the country.

This week we will get into what you really need to live in Furness as well as some tips and hacks that have helped us out along the way.


The Kitchen. 

Furness kitchens come ready with the larger kitchen essentials so you can take the toaster, kettle and microwave off of those lists. Here’s what we recommend you bring for yourself.

Cutlery. You have your own storage space in your kitchen and so it is easy to keep your own cutlery separate from everyone else. My top tip here is to avoid the usual silver and go with something unique, that way everyone in your flat knows whose forks are whose. It makes keeping track of your cutlery – that seem to vanish as easily as one sock in the wash – easy and no one will get away with not washing their spoons because we all know who the purple ones belong to!

Plates and bowls – I wouldn’t go overboard here, a couple of each size works out perfectly and you won’t be taking up too much space for all of those fresh fruits and vegetables you’ll be constantly stocked up on…

Pans – in all the sizes! I’m sure you have seen on many of those Pinterest lists that pans are one of those things you can share as a flat, which for some I am sure works out perfectly. I personally would say that you can never have too many pans and having your own is just piece of mind. There are a lot of you in the kitchen and that means people are bound to want to cook at the same time. I like to have the essentials of a frying pan and a set of three saucepans to myself. Of course in a months time you might decide a wok between the flat is necessary and that’s perfect too!

Knives and chopping boards. Be realistic with yourself about how many sizes and ranges of these you’ll need! I would recommend you bring your own, but whether you need that set of 30 different chef knives I’m not so sure… If you do happen to be a professional chef then feel free to invite me over for dinner some time!

The extras. Here I am thinking about the pizza cutters, the can openers, garlic crushers etc. If there is something you know you are going to use often and within your first week then I say bring it along. But I probably used my can opener once and our flat definitely didn’t need 8 of them! After the first couple of weeks you might want to venture out to the shops as a flat and stock up on these things between you.

Cleaning products. I recommend you eventually get this as a flat but it doesn’t hurt to start with a stock up because they will get used! Washing up liquid is a must have for by the sink – you might be used to dishwashers but they aren’t a luxury of university life so you’ll have to pull up those marigolds and get scrubbing, speaking of which bring lots of sponges! Cleaners don’t wash your dishes and for hygiene and health sake you should always clean around the counters and stove after cooking.


Your Bedroom.

This was probably the room I brought far too much for! Your Furness accommodation comes with a mirror, paper bin, desk lighting and a chair and there is plenty of shelving and pin-board space!

Bedding. Duvet, pillows, sheets and covers – bring it all. Get yourself as warm and comfortable as possible but after that you can go as plain or as fancy as you prefer!

Decorations – make it your own – look at last weeks blog – here – for more inspiration! There is plenty of pin-board space to put up posters, photos and other decorative items but note that any fairy lights must be battery operated!

Stationary, planners, diaries and organisers. Let’s not forget these because you are here, after all, to study! I like to have all of my stationary matching my room so that I can display it on my desk, I tell myself this helps my productivity… time will tell if this holds any truth! But in all seriousness, stationary of some descriptions is necessary – your course information will give more insight on any specifics you might need. As an English Lit student I can confirm a calculator isn’t necessary for us but my flat mate who studies maths has approximately 10 of them. There are shops on campus where you can get all of these so don’t worry too much if you are half way to Lancaster and realise you have left you highlighters on your bed at home!

Hangers and organisers. You’ll need to bring hangers for all of the clothes you want to store in your wardrobe! Furness provides plenty of storage space in your bedroom. I like to use dividers and small boxes in my wardrobe shelves and drawers to keep everything organised and easy to find. This went a long way with helping the missing sock problem!

Handheld hoover. This isn’t a necessity! There is a delightful Henry (or likewise) hoover provided for the whole flat. But for me I liked to have a small handheld hoover in my bedroom for all of those quick clean ups and it made keeping my room clean much easier! I’ll tag cleaning products onto this one, anti-bacterial wipes are a lifesaver to quickly wipe over your desk!


The Bathrooms.

Of course the bathrooms are different depending on your accommodation type but what you need to bring for them is about the same.

Towels. Hand and shower towels are necessary for obvious reasons and let’s just take this off the list of things to possibly share as a flat. One of each works if you are willing to wash them quickly enough but I recommend two towels for the shower so that you can rotate when one is in the wash.

Toiletries. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel etc. I’ve heard that a top tip for standard accommodation is to bring flip-flops for the shower – they will prevent any slipping and it doesn’t matter if they get wet between the bathroom and your room!


I wouldn’t worry too much about anything you forget, miss or regret not bringing. There are plenty of shops on campus and in town and so you will have plenty of opportunity to get what you want and need. Try and make buying and preparing for living in Furness fun and exciting because nothing is too urgent that it can’t be solved when you are here.

You’ll be here before you know it and we can’t wait to meet you and help you carry all of this luggage out of your packed cars and to your new rooms! Don’t forget to follow our Furness Fresher’s Page, usual Furness Page, Instagram and Twitter.

See you soon,

Furness xoxo