Vice-Principal – Olga Gomez-Cash


Hello, my name is Olga and I’m Head of Department in the Department of European Languages and Cultures. I have been Vice-Principal of Furness College for a number of years, having been both an Assistant Dean and Dean in the past. Being part of the College has allowed me to understand and connect to the University in many ways. College life is in many ways the soul of Lancaster University life, and I am proud to be involved in Furness College and support it. As Vice-Principal I represent the College in the absence of the Principal at various University meetings and sit on the Management Group of the College, and the College Council and Syndicate.


Principal – Wlodek Tych


Hello, my name is Wlodek and as Principal I represent the College within the University to make sure it is your true home-from-home. I would like you to be aware of of my presence, as I don’t want my role to be a purely formal one. I am known by my students in LEC to be approachable, so try me, I am also known as a saxophone playing foodie gadget person, if this makes sense. I swim and sail, had Dog, now have Cats, often talk to animals, sometimes to inanimate objects. If you want to know anything else – ask.


The Lancaster Award 2017/18

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Furness College students who have successfully achieved the Lancaster Award this academic year (2017/2018)

Andrew Harris Bolutife Sofoluwe
Crisanto Da Cunha Daria Papenko
Irina-Ruxandra Patrichi James Watson
Ka Wing Wu Kelsey Hammond
Louiza Ignatiou

Miriam Luft

Nam Thanh Nguyen Le Natalie Ramadhin
Rachael Brindley

Rozali Ignatova

Samuel Rose Scott Dean
Sophie Parker Sophie Rooney
Thomas Harrison Viktorio Serdarov
Wai Sing Sham Yau Hin Tse 
Yin Tung Giselle Liu  

The Lancaster Award recognises the many extra-curricular activities and achievements outside your academic studies.  The Award has been developed in partnership with employers and is a certificate that rewards you for making the most of your time here at Lancaster.  It will help you stand out from the crowd and enhance your future employment prospects.

 To achieve the award, you will undertake a variety of activities and reflect on the skills you have developed.  You will be assessed via submission of a Skills Bank, CV / LinkedIn profile and a video interview.

The Lancaster Award is the perfect record of all the students achievements. They are given the tools and the confidence to articulate and demonstrate just how much they have to offer an employer.

To find out more, see The Lancaster Award webpage.

Bev’s Hills – Week 27

Hellooo Furness!

Sorry about the lack of newsletter the last couple of weeks, we’ve been really busy getting the new website up and ready!

This week’s joke: What’s brown and runny?

Linford Christie!

Night at the Museum!

This year Furness brings to you, for one night only, an exhibit beyond all proportions: a Night at the Museum – excitement and mischief, exploring the history of everything after hours.

Dance with dinosaurs, mingle with mummies, moonwalk on the moon and sip chemical concoctions in our laboratory.
Join history’s favourite icons as Furness showcases local student bands: Gardenback, Lemming Along, The Dark Rooms and All Sparks, combined with top class DJ sets from Jordan Rosamond, Graham Hamilton and Radio 1 Extra’s Adele Roberts.

As if that’s not enough, take a tour on our exclusive simulator machine or challenge you flatmates to see who’ll go down in Formula 1 history with our 8 lane Scalextric.

So get your tickets while you can, and join Furness for an EXTRAV AT THE MUSEUM.

And incase you were stuck for costume ideas:

New JCR Members

jcrFurness had the highest voter turnout of all the colleges and we’ve elected 5 new members of the JCR.

– Social Secretary: Jenny Harris
– Equal Opportunities Officer: Rebecca Green
– Female Education & Welfare Officer: Megan Banbery
– Female Sports Secretary: Jaz Dalton
– Male Sports Secretary: Andy Moss

Also another congratulations to the Furnessians who won CCO Elections: Damon Fairley, Caroline Arnold, Ellen Hedley, Layla Fay & Lizzie Houghton!



Mind your own business!

Have a business idea? Or started up a new social enterprise and need an office with computer and phone access? Then the Furness College ‘Mind Your Own Business!’ competition is for you!

The applications open on 3rd June and close on 8th June at midnight. The application form is available to download from our page and should to be sent to once filled out.

The interviews will take place at the beginning of week 8.

Check out the Facebook Page

Netball Team through to next round

The netball team got through to the second round of the LUSU summer handicap cup, beating Grad 53-38. Second round this saturday (times & teams tbc)




Office Hours

Reginald Popoola – Male education and welfare – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities – Monday 5-6
Ellen Hedley – Equal Oppurtunities – Wednesday 3-4


Bev’s Hills – Week 24

Gooooood Morning Furnessians!

Well the Lancaster summer was good while it lasted, but we’ve still got plenty of great events coming up!

There’s two fish in a tank. One says to the other, ‘how do you drive this thing?’.

Furness Paint Party

Litre upon litre of UV flourescent paint a whole rig of high end UV cannons and huge paint bazookas! Only two days to go until the paint party! Layla will be in Trev from 2:30PM today until 5! Check out the facebook event for more info and t-shirt sales.

Polish Night

The third in our series of Furness International Nights! This Thursday is Polish Night! We’ve got live music, a Polish themed quiz, try some Polish Food! Of course we’ve got some great offers on Polish Vodka! It promises to be a great night so make sure you get down to Trev for 7:30PM Thursday! Facebook Event.

Richard Slatter Pool Tournament

May 25th sees our annual pool tournament in Trev, join the facebook event here:

Second Furst

The hard-hitting, politically challenging, super cereal college magazine is out now!  You can read it here!

Furness Fresher Rep’s 2013

You’ve got 2 days left to get your applications in!

Download the application form here. Then email it to:

Office Hours

Reginald “Condoms are my middle name” Popoola – Male education and welfare – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities – Monday 5-6
Ellen Hedley – Equal Oppurtunities – Wednesday 3-4

That’s all folks,

Bev’s Hills – Week 23

Good afternoon Furness, I hope you all had a great bank holiday and are enjoying the sun! Hopefully you managed to avoid the horror that is a bank holiday Sunday night out in Lancaster!

Whats green and brown, and can kill you if it falls out of a tree?

A snooker table. (which is a really good link because the Richard Slatter Pool tournament is coming up)

Furness Fresher Rep’s 2013

If you went to the Freshers Rep meeting last Monday then don’t forget to send your applications in by the 15th!

Download the application form here. Then email it to:

Furness Paint Party

Your wonderful Social Sec Layla Fay has been hard at work organising a brilliant night for you coming Wk. 4. It’s probably the biggest event until extrav at the end of term, and it promises to be a messy one! Check out their promo here:

T-Shirts £4 – TICKET SALES TIME & LOCATION TBA on the Facebook Event.

A New Perspective

See things from A New Perspective and test your your abilities to the limit!

This is a joint event between Bowland and Furness to help raise awareness for disabled students and the difficulties they face on a daily basis. We aim to clear up any myths and confusion that Lancaster students have about disabilities. Each disability is different, and by participating in our challenges portraying different problems for different disabilities, we hope to help students understand the disabilities and the effects they bring.

Office Hours

Reginald “Condoms are my middle name” Popoola – Male education and welfare – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities – Monday 5-6
Ellen Hedley – Equal Oppurtunities – Wednesday 3-4

Thanks for reading!


Bev’s Hills – Week 22

Hello Furness, and a late welcome back, hope you all had a great easter! Apologies for no newsletter last week, I thought I could get away with not doing  one; but apparently not having Bev’s Hills is more disappointing than the Grad Ball line-up. Your lame joke of the week:

I had a ham and pineapple sandwich the other day.

That’s hawaii roll.

Big Night In

A huge congratulations to Rosie Whitham, who organised a big night in trevor last Friday. The event was all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support and managed to raise over £350! Thanks to all that came and showed their support!

Furness Fresher Rep’s 2013

If you want to be a freshers rep for Furness next year then do the following:

1) Join the facebook group here.
2) Go to the compulsory meeting, Monday 29th April 6PM – George Fox LT1.
3) Download the application form here. Then email it to:

Furness Paint Party

Your wonderful Social Sec Layla Fay has been hard at work organising a brilliant night for you coming Wk. 3. It’s probably the biggest event until extrav at the end of term, and it promises to be a messy one (and I do that mean that in the literate sense). Watch the promo vid complete with chavvy cheesey pirates of the carribbean remix:

Jam in Furness | Live Jazz in Trevor

On the evening of third of May join us and Paul Palmer’s quartet, in the first of our Jam-in-Furness series. See his website here:

If you are interested in joining in with your favourite instrument to give you a break from exam stress or just for fun, please let us know, and better still, please contact Paul via his website to find out about (and possibly influence) the planned stage set. If you are planning to do this, please give Paul a good notice before the gig.

Join the facebook event.

Pub Quiz

picThe weekly pub quiz returned yesterday, it was great to see it back and thanks for everyone who came down. Don’t forget to get down to Trevor half past 7 every Sunday for the quiz, great prizes to be won for winners and of course the losers!

Office Hours

Reginald “Condoms are my middle name” Popoola – Male education and welfare – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities – Monday 5-6
Ellen Hedley – Equal Oppurtunities – Wednesday 3-4

Til next time, thanks for reading.

Henry 🙂

Bev’s Hills – Week 20

Hey guys and welcome to the last Bev’s Hills of the term, not too much going on this week so I’ll get started!

Joke of the week.

That piece of coursework I’ve just handed in.


Piotr has been working really (honest) to get Furst ready for this week, but just like Harry Styles it might not be ready to come out just yet!

Pub Quiz

Following on from the great launch of our new international night on Thursday, we had a special Irish themed Furness Pub Quiz yesterday! Congratulations to the Quizlamic Extremists who won this week! A big shout out to Layla Fay for all the hard work she has put in this term, and we hope to see you all there Sunday Wk. 21!

Furness Sport

A big congratulations to the sportsmen/women from Furness who have got into the college select roses teams to represent Lancaster at York.

For Netball: Lauren Heaven
For Football: Ste Lyddon, Tom Charles and Matt Connelly

Like I said not much going on this week, but it has been a really great term for Furness. We’ve had the 15 Hour Bar Crawl, Action for Happiness,  got cheated out of the Patriot’s Cup, launched “Mind your own business”, released our first Furst,  helped to save the arts at Lancaster, elected our new officers and started the first of many international nights!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this term as much as I have, and I hope you all have a fantastic Easter break!

See you all next term,

Henry 🙂





Bev’s Hills – Week 19

Hello and welcome to your penultimate Bev’s Hills of the term!

What do you call a midget fortune teller who just escaped from prison?

A small medium at large!
Credit to Hadrian Barnes for that one, who said Assistant Dean’s can’t be funny?

Spanish Night

This Thursday Wk.9 sees Furness launch their new international nights! This week it’s Spanish Night! We will have Spanish drinks on offer, authentic Spanish tapas, a dance performance and some more Mediterranean themed fun and games!

Join the Facebook Event

Your new officers

I’m sure your all delighted that campaigning is over and your new full time officers have been elected! Your Full Time Officer Team for next year is: President – Joel Pullan, VP Activities – Emily Pollitt, VP Campaigns & Communications – Rachel Harvey, VP Education – Joe O’Neill, VP Union Development – Laurence Pullan, VP Welfare & Community – Tom Fox, NUS Delegates – Laurence Pullan, Charlie Edwards, Michael Palmer.

And of  course your brand new Furness Equal Opportunities Office, Ellen Hedley! Thanks again to Linus Yau for the great work he did as your co-opt officer!

The furst after the first furst

furstNot long until your second installment of editorial excellence! Want to contribute? We need your stories, articles, photos, ramblings or anything really, it’s YOUR college magazine.




furness sports

Ex-publicity officer and aspiring sports writer Craig Kitch brings you the following match report:

Both sides walked out on to the churned up quagmire, they call the college football pitches, understanding that the winner of the game would be in pole position to go on and clinch the title. The first half was a gritty affair in which Pendle, with the wind behind them, repeatedly launched dangerous balls into the area to no avail. The imperious Jake Horsley and the curvaceous Dean Kay dominated in the air, refusing to fold under pressure. In the second half Furness increasingly dictated the game with a tasty chance falling to Adam Williams who put the ball just wide of the post. Then disaster struck, a cross by a Pendle winger trickling awkwardly across the face of the goal to be tapped in past Thomas ‘Wozza and Walka’ Warren. Angered by the goal conceded, Furness stepped up a gear and began bombarding Pendle with dangerous balls. A series of classy corners by Chris Kitch, struck cleanly with a cheeky inward swerve, ended with Adam Williams and Paul Cudihee, with an elbow then a chest, putting Furness 2-1 up. Grit, Determination and a series of classy corners leave Furness with 13 points from 6 games. If Furness win their two remaining fixtures against Graduate and Fylde there is a good chance they could win the league. #MAKINGHISTORY

A match report for the A’s and a Patriot’s round up will be in Furst Wk.10!


karlHoli is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus as a festival of colours. The Holi Colors Play event will start at 2 pm on the 17th March! Make sure if you buy the tickets, you are there on time because if you are late we can’t guarantee that colors will be left for you. It would be followed by Indian Buffet Lunch. The Ticket sale will be on first come,first serve basis. Only a limited number of tickets would be sold.

To buy tickets for the event, Contact Lancaster University Indian Society or your JCR International Officer, Diego!

Red Nose Day

Thursday 14th March, Furness College and FHM will be selling cakes in the Foyer from 10.00am until 11.30 with all contributions going to Red Nose Day. Please come along and buy a cake, and if you would like to get your aprons on and provide a cake or cakes for us to sell, that would be great. Any cake contributions will need to be brought to Bev Whitaker’s office by 9.30 on Thursday 14th.

Pub Quiz

picAnother great turn-out last week, with 8 teams entering the quiz. Once again it was “Listen to Man Feelings Every Friday From 4PM on Bailrigg FM” who won the quiz, and the grand prize NERF blasters! Make sure you’re down agin this week – Sunday Half 7, Trev.

Office Hours

Reginald Popoola – Male education and welfare (condom fairy) – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Gosia Felisiak – Vice President – Tuesday 10-11 and Thursday 3-4
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities – Monday 12-1
Ellen Hedley – Your BRAND NEW Equal Oppurtunities – Wednesday 3-4

Only a short one this week, if you’re ill like everyone seems to be at the moment then get well soon,  and good luck with your deadlines, less than 2 weeks until Easter.