Furness College

Bev’s Hills Week 25

Furnessians I am writting this on the back end of a 12 hour stint in the library, I hope exam season isn’t treating you all like this? Make sure you are taking regular breaks, eating properly and having a good nights sleep. Sounds repetitive but so so important!!!

Revision Breaks

Hope you all got a chance to colour in on the LUSU provided colouring board this week, and took advantage of the chilled out events in Alex square along with the free clear pencil cases and fuit in the library. They may still be there this week, but if not head into LUSU if you are in need of that all essential clear pencil case for your exams over the next few weeks.

We are hoping to bring an event similair to the French breakfast to the Furness Foyer next week, details about this will continue to be filtered through, so keep your eyes pealed.

Canal Cruise

As mentioned last week, tickets can be collected from Bev and will be £10 for a fish and chip canal cruise on  Tuesday 6th June, departing at 19:00 and returning at 22:00. In any need of further information, refer to last weeks post, our facebook page, message one of the JCR or pop into see Bev 🙂


Furness Sport

Thankyou to all who were involved in both The Richard Slatter Tournament and Carter Shield event this weekend. I heard only good things from all who attended both events, photographs from these events will be up within this week (I can only apologise for the delay). Thankyou to the sports officers for putting on and getting the college involved in these two wonderful events. Furness Truly Is The Best College On Campus!

Pub Quiz

The Pub Quiz is back again with the specialist topic being Monty Python, In Trev, 7:30, £1 to play…same as always, hope to see you there 🙂



okay, this is the time you have all been waiting for, the first release of Furness’ Extrav, you may have seen other colleges post their videos and photos over the last week…

We thought we would keep you in suspense just that little bit longer…keep a look out on facebook/instagram/snapchat and around (whats left of) the spine

I wish you all a wonderful week filled with success, love and enjoyment

Thats all from me until next week

*Waving emoji*