Furness Sport

Rocky, Average Joes Gym, Happy Gilmore, Furness. Sport is filled with great underdog stories, and being the smallest college on campus, any Furness sporting victory-no matter how minor-is often treated as such.  Despite enduring the constant condescension of larger ‘sporty’ colleges like Lonnie and Fylde, Furness punches well above its weight by being distinctly mediocre. In fact, some teams in recent years (last year’s darts and B team football) have raised the bar even further by performing slightly above average.

Jokes aside, sport in Furness is a brilliant part of college life for anyone involved, and anything we might occasionally lack on the pitch/court/table/board (delete as appropriate) we more than make up for on socials and nights out! The banter is good and being part of any team is a great way to meet people. Be sure to keep checking the Furness social media for details about taster sessions, trials and events! Speaking of…

Carter Shield

Carter Shield is an inter-college sports event that takes place three Sundays of every term. All nine colleges take part in a variety of sports to win points, and the college with the most points at the end of the year is awarded the Carter Shield trophy.

This is good opportunity to support your college and a great chance to get involved. Carter Shield is free, fun, and creates great friendly rivalry between the colleges. Most importantly anyone can play, there is no need to have experience in sport, everyone is welcome. Whether you are determined to represent Furness, or are simply wishing to get rid of that Sunday morning hangover – come join us!

For more information and to keep up to date, like our Carter Shield Facebook page.



Patriot’s Cup is the ultimate competition of sporting excellence, team spirit and college banter between Furness and Crapmel when either we win or they cheat.

The events take place over a weekend during second term and include nearly every sport imaginable.  From rugby to rounders, dodgeball to darts,  football to frisbee (and of course the highly anticipated presidential pool match!), every sport is used as to determine which is truly the best sporting college.  After the friendly(ish) competition has stopped, the celebrations continue into the night as both colleges head to Sugarhouse to (for the most part) get absolutely mashed.

With loads of sports, messy socials and a big closing ceremony; Patriots is one of the most exciting events of the year! So whether you are determined to represent Furness, or simply support – come join us!  Whether you’re competing in an event or cheering on your fellow Furnessians, it’s sure to be a big weekend