Off Campus Students


We hope you will enjoy your time with us in Furness College, and just because you will be living off campus rather than in the College accommodation, this does not make you any less important to us.  Everything we do within the College applies to you too.

We will be meeting you at the off-campus registration on Saturday 29th October at 3:30pm in the Furness TV Room, at which you will receive your welcome pack.  The College orientation session will take place at 4:30pm in the George Fox Building, and we will take you to this after showing you the facilities available to you.  This will be followed by the College photo (weather permitting!) then ‘Furst Food’.  Free food for the first night where you can mingle with the staff and students and get to know one another better.

In addition, there is a central welcome to all University students who are living off-campus or commuting to the University.  This is on Thursday 4th October 2018 at 10:00am-12:00pm in the Cavendish Colloquium Room.

The off-campus registration takes place in the Furness TV RoomFurness TV Room where Furness students can chill out and relax before, after or in between lectures.  This room is accessible by your Library card.  This space is used by the College for various events  and meetings too.  We will be holding ‘Chill’ evenings in this space during Welcome Week, so feel free to drop in.  This area is adjacent to our Bar ‘Trevor’.

‘Trevor’ is our College Bar and has a friendly pub like feel to it.  There is also a lounge area behind the bar, called ‘The Back Bar’ which has a small TV in it, and comfortable sofa’s for those that want to escape the noise of the bar!  This room also has a piano which can be used by our students.

          Furness Bar 2     Furness Back Bar

We have an Off Campus kitchen which has locker space which can be Furness Off Campus Kitchen
rented from the College for £5 for the year [non-refundable]. To arrange for a locker just pop in to see Jo in the Furness College Office, Room A13.  You will need to provide a lock and all items must be removed by the end of the Summer Term. The kitchen has a ‘smart’ tap providing boiling water and chilled water.  It also has an induction hob, oven, two microwaves, a toaster and kettle.  There are two fridges and crockery and cutlery are provided.

Our JCR will be putting on various social events throughout the year, and we hope that you may wish to join in for some of these.  Apart from the trips to clubs etc., there is also a weekly quiz and other themed events within the College.  We do realise that some of our Off Campus students may not wish to join in with these events, and so we will be inviting our Off Campus students to our SCR events too, such as the wine tastings and lunchtime talks with lunch within the College.  We hope you will find something in the social calendar that is to your liking and will be willing to take part in College life.

Your First Year College Reps will meet with you every fortnight in the first and second term, and once every three weeks in the summer term.  These students are there to help you settle in, and are available for you to ask any questions about the College and the surrounding area. 

Furness also has a College Advisor Team, affectionately known as FurCAT!  This team currently consists of our Welfare Team Leader, Rev Kevin Huggett, College Manager, Jo Dickinson,  Dr Rebecca Killick, Martin Ennis and Abby Chamberlain.  This team should be your first point of call if you have any questions or problems that the First Year Reps cannot answer.   Students are often told to just go the The Base for any help, but we would ask you to come to us first.  In many instances we can help, or we can facilitate further help if required, so please come to us first (you will avoid the queues too).  The Email Address for the FurCAT team is .
Jo is also available during her office hours of 9.00 until 3.00 for any questions or help you may want, or if you just want a chat.

We hope you have a brilliant time in Furness and make the most of the opportunities that Collegiate life offers.