Furness College

You Made It!

Welcome to Furness!


First of all I just want to say a huge congratulations on your A Level results on behalf of everyone at Furness College! We hope you are as excited to join our college as we are to welcome you into it very soon!


You made it! After what I am sure was years of hard work and stress – you can rely on A Levels for that much – you can finally relax knowing you’ll soon be opening your next chapter in Lancaster. Cue the eye rolls… Ok ok, I know relaxed probably isn’t the best word to describe how you are feeling right now. Sure, those pesky results are out the way and you have secured your place but I know that for many of you, you are about to be leaving home for the first time and boy is that scary!

What will you need to bring? How will you survive? What will fresher’s week really be like in Furness? Here is where this little blog will come in handy! Every Friday until you move in you can expect a new post full of tips, advice and inspiration. Expect to find out the best and worst of all those ‘student must haves’ you are seeing in every email, shop and website. There will be room inspirtion and storage hacks, planning tips and some exciting Fresher’s Week lead ups!


We plan on making the next few long weeks as laid back and exciting as possible for all of you! You can expect weekly posts here from this Friday onwards – let’s call it Fresher’s Fridays – but for now we would love for you to join our Facebook Freshers Page. Here we would love for you all to chat about what you will be studying, what you are most excited for and include any questions you might have. Any frequent topics or questions we see on there can be covered in one of these posts, so don’t be shy!


Don’t forget to like our normal Facebook page and follow our Instagram and Twitter!


We can’t wait to hear from you and all about you and before you know it we’ll be welcoming you into the best college on campus!


See you soon,

Furness xox