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NEWS UPDATE:  Our website has now moved … please visit us at  https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/furness/


Take a look at the Furness Welcome Week page here for more details.

Connect with Furness College

Before you arrive, you can like Furness College on Facebook. We also have an official Facebook group, Furness Freshers 2019-20, for all incoming students where you can meet your fellow Furnessians, find out more about Furness and receive updates on the events we have planned for Welcome Week. You can also follow us on our Instagram page.


Arrivals Day

Just as we welcomed our 2018 Freshers with  some of the Lancaster sunshine, we hope to do the same for our 2019 intake.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming you on Sunday 29th September 2019, and our friendly team of helpers will be around to help you get your bearings and to settle in.  You can collect your keys from 10:00am in Furness Foyer.  From there you will be helped by our Reps to your rooms.

Welcome Week is a fun week where we hope you, along with lots of our new Furness Family members, will take part in lots of the College events.  These might be the Film Night at the on-campus cinema, Quiz Night and our fun Casino which has a James Bond theme this year – so its a great opportunity to dress for the ocassion!  Our free breakfasts certainly goes down well the morning after the Big Night Out!

Rainbow by Dr W Tych
New Friends by Dr W Tych

As usual we will be having our hugely popular Windermere Trip (with BBQ), maybe along with several rainbows!

So don’t forget to book via our online store which is will open soon!


Furness Freshers Facebook Group

You can join our Furness Freshers 2018/19 Facebook group where we will be posting information about events, societies and answering any questions you may have or you can do this via our Furness Freshers chat.

Freshers Blog

For information and advice on moving in, the university campus and the city centre of Lancaster, check out our Furness Freshers Blog!

Off-Campus/Commuter Students (times for 2019 to be confirmed)

We look forward to meeting you on Saturday 29th September 2018 at 3:30pm in the Furness TV Room.

In addition, there is a central welcome to all University students who are living off-campus or commuting to the University.  This is on Thursday 4th October 2018 at 10:00am-12:00pm in the Cavendish Colloquium Room.

College Welcome Talk (times for 2019 to be confirmed)

At 4:30pm your Reps will guide you across to the George Fox Building where you will learn about the college, the staff and be given some important messages for the week.  This will be followed by Furst-Food at 7.00pm in Furness College.

iLancaster App

You will find further information and advice on everything you need to do from before you begin your journey to Lancaster, to  Arrivals Weekend and beyond here.  Remember you can download the iLancaster App to your device.  The app will give you full information for events across campus for Welcome Week.  It also includes bus times to laundrette details, to the library and information about your programme of study.

College Membership Fees (tbc)

All students studying for an undergraduate degree who will be at the University for a three or four year degree will pay a one off fee of £36 (STANDARD).

A fee of £12.00 will apply for visiting students or those whose course is one year or less (EXCHANGE).

The Online Store for paying your College Membership fee has now closed.  If you have not yet paid your College Membership fee, you can:

  • Pay with a card over the phone: 01524 593316
  • Pay in person at Cashiers desk, University House (with card or cash)
  • Wait to be invoiced and then pay on web payments system via student portal

To find out what your College does for you, see Our Colleges.

Welcome Week Events

The Colleges also arrange numerous events throughout the year.  If you fancy a guided tour around Lancaster Castle then will be able to book through the online store.

Tickets for our Windermere Trip on Sunday 6th October 2019 will be on sale soon.  If you want to join this trip, then please book through the online store.  You are advised to book early, to avoid disappointment , as this trip sells out quick!  The Online Store will close at 18:00 on 30th September 2019.



Remember, we will be adding further events to this page as soon as we can!