Welfare and Campaigns Officers – Beth Margerison and Joseph Walsh

Circle Beth

Beth – Hi guys, I’m a third year Economics student and one of your welfare and campaigns officers. I am here for YOU! I’m always happy to talk, and many can vouch that I will literally talk to anybody and everybody. So if you need somebody to rant at about coursework, a shoulder to cry on, or just some friendly advice, come and chat to me! No issue is too big or too small, whatever the problem I aim to find you the best help possible at university.  I also hope to get the word out about any campaigns or charities you feel strongly about, so if you have any ideas come tell me (or another member of the team) and we will try our best to implement it. Basically, over the course of the next year I hope to be a listening ear! I’m almost always in Trev cradling a cup of coffee, so feel free to stop and talk to me whenever you fancy!


Joseph – Hey guys! I’m Joe, a fourth year Physics student from Liverpool and one of the Welfare and Campaigns officers for Furness College JCR. Most of my time spent on campus I can be found in Trevor, the college bar (except when pesky lectures get in the way!) Feel free to come and chat any time you need a sympathetic ear. University can be stressful for all of us at times, and just talking it out can do a world of good. Where I can’t help you myself, I can get you in touch with those who can and provide information about the services the college and university have to offer. Furness College is like one big family, and the JCR is here to make sure everyone feels at home. If you want to get involved just come and find us, and remember if you ever feel like things are getting on top of you, just come talk to us any time!