Treasurer – Esther Potter

Esther – Hey everyone! I’m Esther, a third year Ethics, Philosophy and Religions student from toasty Essex. I tend to be found in Trev thinking deep thoughts into a pint or in various cafes nursing a cup of coffee, I’m always up for a chat if anyone wants to inquire on the ins and outs of the JCR. As your Treasurer, my job will be to handle the different aspects of the JCR’s finances, in organising who gets how much money and for what in all areas; such as financing your sports team’s equipment and all of your Furness College events. I’m also the expert minuiter in the JCR meetings which will all be posted online for you guys; so you can find out all the plans we have for your college! I’m super excited to be a part of this team and I really hope I can help give you guys the year you deserve!