Sports Officers – Nicola Cresswell and Sarah Wheeler

Circle Nicola

Nicola – Hi all! I’m a third year Criminology student who loves sport but especially Furness “sport” in particular!! My job as Sports Officer is to make sure the Furness way of winning or losing any sport with bags of laughs is upheld and to give you guys all the opportunities you could dream of for your sporting needs. From battling the other colleges in all sports at the Carter shield to crushing Cartmel at everything remotely competitive at Patriots, I’ll do my best to organise the sports and activities that you love to make getting involved in the greatness that is Furness even better. Our college football, netball and bar sports are the friendliest teams on campus so I hope to be playing alongside you in our sporting events soon 🙂

Sarah round

SarahHey guys! I’m Sarah, a third year psychology student from Newcastle, whyaye! I’m your Furness Sports Officer meaning my job is to provide all furnessians with the opportunity to partake in college sports. I’m aiming to increase female participation in particular, ensure everyone partaking enjoys whichever sports they choose and ultimately, of course, Furness win! You’ll often see me downing a pint in trev… However this is ok as I’ll be doing it in full football kit, and boat racing is considered a sport. I look forward to the year ahead, working with my fellow furnessians to provide the best experience for this college!