Freshers 2015

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Why choose Furness?  Because we are the smallest College on campus and in many ways consider ourselves more of a ‘family’ than just a College.

Your College will be your home, study and social centre for your time here at Lancaster. Your College is also a means of support.  Each College has an Administrator, who should be your first point of contact should you have any questions or need advice, and an Advisor team, along with a JCR (Junior Common Room Exec) and First Year College Reps who also help our first year students with any questions or queries they may have.   Each College also has a Residence Officer who is available to help with any issues relating to your on campus accommodation, whether this is an actual fault, or a problem with your flatmates.  Each College has a team of Porters who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it is to them that you should go to collect your mail/parcels, or to report any problems outside of the normal office hours.

Your JCR and College will organise various social events throughout the year which are great places to meet new friends and join in the College spirit.

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We want you to have the best experience possible, and look forward to you joining us in September.  Your JCR and SCR have been working hard to put together a really good Welcome Week for you.  You will receive your planner on arrival, but as a taster, we will be having a Japanese evening, a Comedy Night, a Ghost Walk around old Lancaster, and a James Bond themed Fun Casino Night to name but a few events.  We hope you will find something that you will enjoy in our programme of events.

Remember, you do not have to party every night (unless you want to).  Please don’t feel pressured into thinking you need to do everything.  We will be having ‘Chill’ nights each evening in the TV room for those that want to take some time out, yet still want to be part of the Welcome Week.



Every year we hold a boat trip through Windermere to end freshers week. It’s one of the things that makes Furness college wonderfully unique!  Details on how to book for this and other events will be sent to you by email from the College in September.


We’ve also created a video of us walking you through Furness College accommodation and surrounding areas, to help show you what an amazing college we are. Click on the link below:

Watch our accommodation video here!

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