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Fresher’s Week 2017 Timetable!


Hello Freshers!

To ensure you can get the most out of your Welcome Week, purchase your £8 bus passes HERE.
This is the only thing you will need to buy, Furness College provide you with a wristband and t-shirts which will allow you to participate in all Furness Freshers Week Events.*
*Exl dinner with a difference (Tickets sold HERE)

You might have noticed that last week we announced our Fresher’s Week timetable for you all, let’s run through what you can expect shall we?

Sunday 1st October

You drive up the winding incline that is your welcome to Lancaster University, the back seats have never been so full… of tissue boxes. Well prepared for your mum as she mourns the loss of her 18-year-old-baby (she has no idea yet of the magnet to home that is dirty washing).

As you park up outside Furness you are greeted by waves of purple t-shirts worn by our students, one or two of which will welcome you by your car and take you to the foyer. Here the smell of our BBQ will begin to fill the Furness mountain air as you pick up your keys, welcome pack and room number before another one of our reps (in the purple shirts) shows you to your room and helps you transfer all those bags.

We’ll leave you to it for a while as you get yourself unpacked and settled, but we’ll be around if you need us, the key words again here are PURPLE SHIRTS!

As you begin to reach early evening and you say your goodbyes to the family and friends who might have dropped you off, you’ll have a good idea of what the people you’ll be living with look like, now you just need to talk to them. This is when your reps will arrive to give you all a helping hand, you’ll have some introductions before they take you off for your Furness welcome talk and then on to get some food. Your evening will continue with many hellos and good times before you can collapse into your new bed. You did it, day one complete!



Monday 2nd October

You’ll probably have slept better than you thought you would on your first night because, to be quite honest, moving in day is exhausting! Today is the day you will officially register yourself as an Undergraduate Student at Lancaster University! Your reps will have made sure you know exactly where to do this and what you will need so there is nothing for you to worry about, they will be available and on hand if you need them.

After registration is over your reps will meet you for some sight-seeing on campus as they take you on a tour, the tour is the perfect opportunity for you to chat with your new flat mates as you discuss where your lectures will be and wonder how on earth you will remember (you will, don’t worry). You then decide to opt in for the tour of Lancaster town and hop on a bus with your reps. Quick coffee break? Count me in.

Don’t forget that there is time if you would like to spend with the Esports society in our TV Room, perfect if you’re a lover of video games such as FIFA and Rocket League and would like to challenge your flat mates.

You’ll get some time to yourself before your evening begins in Trevor bar with an Indian themed night, there will be music and decorations to help take you far from Furness for a while before we brace the cold of Lancaster and head into town for our UV Paint Party. Get yourselves in the spirit and paint your faces in preparation, and don’t forget to wear your paint party shirt that you will have received on moving in day!



Tuesday 3rd October

There’s no time to sleep in because your subject major talks take place today! Head down to hear all about what you can expect for the upcoming year and what you will need. It is also a really good opportunity to meet others in your course, just like everyone in Furness, you’ll be seeing a lot of these people over the next three years!

Once you have finished with your major talk you will have some time to yourself, whether you would like to catch up on some sleep or wander campus, it is up to you!

Make sure you make it back for our evening activities as tonight will be LUSU’s Big Night Out and the theme is… Full Moon! We will join some of the other colleges as we make our way through Lancaster town, visiting some of the best bars around until we finish the night in our very own, Sugarhouse.


Wednesday 4th October

Feeling somewhat worse for wear? We’ve got you covered in Furness with our free breakfast this morning to start the day off right.

Once your full of food and coffee you can head off to your Part 1 enrolment where you will finalise and enrol in your academic course for the upcoming year!

Now you’re enrolled come join in with some inflatable fun from 11 until 3.

Your evening could begin with some detective work with our Murder Mystery night in Furness, though there are limited spaces so if you are interest you can book tickets here!

Following on from this we have a more laidback evening with an open mic night before the games and movies begin as we get Sleepless in Furness at our pyjama party. Dress for the occasion, pyjamas, slippers, teddies and all!


Thursday 5th October

Feeling patriotic for Furness yet? I hope so because today is dedicated to pre-patriots and our long-running rivalry with Cartmel.

The day begins with a coffee morning and free breakfast for our international students. If you’re one of those who are particularly far from home you can join up and meet others in the same position.

Today is also the start of Lancaster University Fresher’s fair, come along to find plenty of information about our societies, teams and the university, plus you can enjoy lots of freebies as you make your way around!

Pre-Patriots begins with the chance to watch our Furness sports teams compete against Cartmel, come along and show your support as you see what it would be like to be a part of sport in Furness. Find out more information about this via our sports page here.

After this don’t miss the opportunity to watch your Furness JCR take on Cartmel in our very own sports day.

Get ready for some laughs as we begin the evening with some comedy performances in Furness Foyer before we finish our night in town at Dalton Rooms for a Glitter Party with Cartmel!



Friday 6th October

After a week of Fresher’s Week fun and drinks we’re sure you could do with some TLC and so you can join us again at our hangover clinic in the foyer for another FREE breakfast!

Feeling a little adventurous and fancy a change? There will be a Lancaster Castle tour at 6 if you want to explore inside the walls of that big old building in town but make it back for our on-campus bar crawl!

Tonight TBC presents a walk through the ages. Get ready to represent our Wild Wild Furness and pull up those boots and tighten your belts as we make our way through campus, stopping off to find ourselves in a new time period with each college. Dress code: Wild Wild West.


Saturday 7th October

Feeling perky? We’re glad to hear it! This morning you could be starting the day off with a bounce at the trampoline park. This event is limited so get tickets here.

If you fancy your hand at one of our college bar sports don’t miss the trials today, 1-3pm for the ladies and 3-5pm for the gents.

Once you’ve thrown that last dart you better rush back for a shower as we all get polished up for our casino and cocktails night, dress code: Impress Furness. Practice your best poker face as we start the night with some casino classics before heading into town for our very own cocktail night at Sphere.


Sunday 8th October

What a week hey? Endings are always tinged with sadness, but we like to go out with some family bonding here at Furness. If you fancy a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach you can get your hands on tickets here to find yourself at the top of The Big One. Some fresh sea air is just what you need after the week you’ve just had, we added the rollercoasters because we like a challenge. If you fancy something a little more relaxed then be sue you don’t miss out on our Windermere BBQ Cruise. It’s a tradition in Furness to end the week on a boat in the lakes and this is always a sell out so hurry and get your tickets here.

Tomorrow is officially your first day of term and so to get those brains back in working order we are bringing you our Trev Wednesday Quiz Night early. Get down early to bag yourself a seat and if you beat the rest then you and your team could be in for a prize!