Crisanto Da Cunha



Hey Guys! I’m Cris, a 2nd Year Computer Science student from London and I’m the current Vice-President of Furness College JCR! It’s my job to make sure everything is running smoothly and being done with your best interests in mind, I will spend my time working with our social officers and helping facilitate their ideas and plans. Apart from that I’ll be representing Furness at a higher level and in general within LUSU and working with them and the SCR on all kinds of matters. A huge part of the Vice-Presidential role, is the organisation of Welcome Week, I’ll be coming up with Furness’ timetable of the week to make sure you have a good time and feel as comfortable and as at home as you possibly can. I’ll be helped by the JCR, SCR and college members can have an input via my Presidential drop in session, where you can tell me what you want!