Chloe Burden



Hi there guys, I’m Chloe and I’m a 2nd year Medieval and Renaissance Studies student. I’m known for being a bubbly person so please never hesitate to come and have a chat with me if/when you need one (you’ll most likely find me spending my free hours in Furness Foyer or the TV room). As treasurer for Furness’ JCR I’m in charge of ensuring that the money we have is spent wisely and distributed fairly to each JCR sector. Obviously I’m a proud Furnessian so I want to make sure that the current JCR are able to give you all (and ourselves too) the best possible care and ensure events such as our beloved 15 Hour Bar Crawl, Patriots (big up to our sports teams), Extrav and the Winter Ball are all above and beyond wonderful for you all. Don’t forget to get in contact if you have any worries or queries about the college, the JCR, or even the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything (hint: it’s 42). Much love to you all. ❤