Trev’s Times – WEEK 9

Hey, Furness! It’s week 9, meaning it’s two weeks until we break up for CHRISTMAS!! How are we? Not too stressed I hope. Don’t worry, you’ve got this! Here’s what’s going on this week…



Your new JCR has been elected! And they are:

President: Will Groarke

Democracy & Finance: Nicola Hall

VP Welfare: Georgina Henderson

VP Socials: Joe Fundrey

Welfare & Campaigns: Caitlin Nolan

Socials & Events: Bogdan Dragos

Media & Comms: Becky Smith and Lauren Whitaker

Welfare & Education: Lauren Yarwood

Welfare & International: Harriet Phipps

Sports: Jacob Ratcliffe and Georgie Zowonu

The new JCR will take their roles after Christmas. They’ve all got lots of new ideas for the college and can’t wait to start!



Last week Bar Sports took on Cartmel! Men’s A team pool lost 7-2, women’s pool won 5-4, women’s darts won 4-3, men’s darts won 8-1 and doms won 3-0. This week, bar sports are up against Grad! Monday and Tuesday at 7pm.

For football, the A’s game was cancelled but the B’s beat Cartmel 5-0!

For netball, games were cancelled due to rain last week. This week, A v Bowland 6pm on Tuesday, B’s v Bowland 2pm Wednesday, A’s v County 5pm on Wednesday, Trev’s Army v GuarenTREEd Goals (County) 9pm Thursday and A’s v Cartmel 6pm Friday


Carter Shield

The third round of the Carter Shield is going down this week, and the game is…basketball! Message us if you’re interested in playing, or just come down to support! It’ll be in the sports hall at 12pm on Saturday!


Colleges Charity Challenge 2019

Whether you’re already involved in fundraising and volunteering, or looking for a good opportunity to boost your student experience and CV – take up the Colleges Charity Challenge next term and see how you can make a difference!

Register via TARGETconnect to attend the Charity Challenge Info Session on Wednesday 5th December 1-2pm in Management School LT3, for more details about the challenge and to meet like-minded students interested in taking part. Refreshments provided! If you have any questions or can’t attend the info session, you can find out more on Facebook or by emailing

Winter Ball

Don’t forget the Winter Ball is next Tuesday (of week 10). Tickets have now SOLD OUT. Don’t forget to collect them from Jo Dickinson’s office. Can’t wait to see you all there – dress classy!


The Big Vote

Voting for the JCR is now closed, but you can still vote for the SU referendum until Friday! Find out more information about the proposed changes and the yes/ no campaigns here


Don’t forget the quiz – this Wednesday at 7:30pm! This week’s specialist topic is…LGBTQ+! As usual, £1 a head to play!

Study Smart

If you’re feeling the pressure from studying, come and say hello to your College Wellbeing Officers in the Library Foyer between 12 and 2pm on Wednesday 5th and Wednesday 12th of December. Get some tips for managing study and exam stress, along with a healthy snack. We’re also providing a chill-out area in the Base, complete with relaxing activities, so come along with your friends and take the pressure off for a while!


And that’s it for this week, folks. See you next time!


Trev’s Times – WEEK SEVEN

Hello there, Furness! Welcome to Week 7, when it’s getting dark by half 4 and the deadline stress is starting to settle in (or maybe that’s just me). Don’t worry though, in a few weeks it’ll be Christmas time and you can ignore your responsibilities with chocolate and Home Alone. Let’s see what we’ve got going on this week…


Now nominations have closed, it’s time for our JCR candidates to start campaigning! Look out for posters around Furness and campaign pages on Facebook, and don’t forget to read each candidate’s manifesto to find out their ideas for the college. ALSO, keep next Tuesday (the 27th) free, because then it’s time for HUSTINGS!!

Building Resilience Workshop 

The Transitions Team hosted Will Medd (Life Coach and Failure to Learn Pioneer) in delivering a workshop on ‘Building Resilience’ to ten Lancaster uni students. The workshop was well received and 100% of students agreeing that their resilience and confidence increased following the session. In response to overwhelming demand, Will is running a second session on the 27th November. Students can book a place by emailing


Look After Your Mate 

We know that students turn to each other when experiencing difficulties and so we will be running several FREE ‘Look After Your Mate’ workshops (developed by Student Minds) throughout term that will give you the necessary tips and tools to support a friend in need. This is a very valuable workshop for anyone in a supportive role or wants to learn more about how to support those around them. It also counts towards the Lancaster Award and is a great addition to you CV. Register HERE. (You will not receive a confirmation email, instead we will email you a reminder a few days before the workshop. The location is specified when your register for the event). 



Last week Bar Sports went up against Fylde! A Team pool lost 5-4, B Team lost 5-4, and Men’s Darts won 7-2. Meanwhile Women’s Pool lost 5-4, Women’s Darts won 7-0 and doms won 2-1.

Football A’s beat Cartmel 3-2, Netball A’s lost to Fylde 25-23, Netball B’s lost to Fylde and lost 3-5 to Grizedale.

This week: Bar Sports are off for the week, Football A’s v Bowland on Wednesday (1pm), B’s v Bowland on Saturday (10am), Netball A’s v Cartmel on Tuesday (7pm) and B team v Cartmel on Wednesday (3pm)


Carter Shield 

Round 2 of the Carter Shield is this Saturday and the game is DODGEBALL!! Message the Furness Facebook if you want to play!


Charity Challenge 

Whether you’re already involved in fundraising and volunteering, or looking for a good opportunity to boost your student experience and CV – take up the Colleges Charity Challenge next term and see how you can make a difference! Register via TARGETconnect to attend the Charity Challenge Info Session on Wednesday 5th December 1-2pm in Management School LT3, for more details about the challenge and to meet like-minded students interested in taking part. Refreshments provided! If you have any questions or can’t attend the info session, you can find out more on Facebook or by emailing

Winter Ball

Reminder that winter ball tickets are on sale until 3rd December! Tickets are £35 and that includes travel, a 3 course meal and a disco! It’s a great night to act classy and celebrate the season in style, don’t miss out!


And that’s it for this week, folks! Enjoy yourselves, don’t catch a cold, etc etc. See you next week!


Freshers Countdown… 2 Weeks to Go!

A Guide to Furness College

Following on from last week’s Lancaster Guide post… here is your Furness College Guide! This post will cover general information about Furness College, which is mainly it’s accommodation and location information, events that take place within the college, and college-run sports teams. Prepare to learn about all things Furness and read on to find out about all the great things that you can get involved in through your college during your time at Lancaster.


By now, most of you will have been allocated your accommodation and you’ll have started to find out who will be living in your buildings. Unfortunately, you won’t find out your flatmates until a few days before you move in, but you don’t have much longer to wait! You’ll be aware of Furness accommodation types as you’ve already applied and the accommodation page on the website will tell you more. However, for a brief run through, the “posh” buildings (ensuite accommodation) are the buildings with numbers

All of Furness accommodation is on central campus and is only about a minute walk to the central amenities on campus: Sultans, Spar, Costa as well as the Furness Common Room. The College buildings themselves have the offices of the Furness SCR (for example admin and welfare); the TV Room where all our Chill Factor events will be taking place in Freshers’ Week; the porters’ office where you can get your post and of course our own bar… Trevor! Trevor is the best place on campus to enjoy a tea or a coffee during the day. At the end of the day, it’s a place to relax and socialise. The bar also serves a wide range of wines and ciders! Various events are held in Trev over the year, such as GinFest and Trev Quiz.


The SCR are your Senior College Representatives. The Senior members of the college have a role in managing the college and work closely with the JCR to make sure that the college runs smoothly.

The Porters are your first port of call for almost anything. They provide safety on campus, are available for urgent needs and also to collect your parcels. The Furness Porters are some of the loveliest people you’ll meet, and it’s a good idea to get acquainted with them as soon as you can!

The JCR are your Junior College Representatives. They are there to represent you, organise social activities and keep you informed and aware of all college activities and events. 

For more information go to the People page to view images of what these college members look like so that you have a couple of friendly faces going into Freshers Week!


Even though Furness is the smallest college, it definitely never gets boring! Over the year, the college hosts almost weekly events that welcome all participation ranging from sporting events and competitions to quiz nights and bar crawls – you name it, we do it! Here are a few examples…

TREV QUIZ! The quiz is Furness weekly event that is not to be missed, each week the quiz has a different theme or special topic so anyone and everyone can take part! The quiz runs every Sunday and it is the perfect way to start the week

15 HOUR BAR CRAWL! The Furness 15 Hour Bar Crawl is the college’s notorious event that happens twice a year. You will soon become familiar with Lancaster town centre, and the bar crawl will only help you grow your local knowledge! It’s a great way to bond with the whole of the college, and it is a really enjoyable event for all! It is a ticketed event and it does sell out fast, so keep your eyes peeled on the Furness Facebook page to make sure that you don’t miss out!

SPA NIGHT! The Furness Mountain Retreat was a popular event run in 2018 by Socials Officers Fran and Alex alongside the Welfare Team, and it proved to be a success! A super relaxing event involving face masks and yoga that is sure to make a comeback!

EXTRAV! Furness’ end of year themed festival has been a sell-out event for the past 3 years, rivalling other colleges! Last year’s Extrav theme was Lost College and you can check out some of the pictures from on Instagram (@furnesscolllege). Will you be part of this year’s Extrav?


Starting university and making new friends can be pretty daunting, so why not become part of a Furness sports team! It is the perfect way to socialise, keep fit, and get into the college spirit during your time at Lancaster! Taster sessions and trials for each sports team will be happening in Freshers Week or just after, so keep reading to find out more!

FURNESS NETBALL is so much fun to get involved with, all the girls on the team have so much fun in training, matches and in their socials (check out the team’s Instagram account for more: @FurnessNetball)! The Furness Netball team is great for anyone, of all abilities and whether or not you’ve played before.  Netball trials are held on Sunday the 7th of October, and the girls can’t wait to see you there! There is a Facebook event page if you would like to see more about the event and show your interest.

FURNESS FOOTBALL is a great way to socialise and gain a great group of mates. The football team is competitive but are known for their good sportsmanship and great socials! The football trials are held on October 3rd, the Wednesday in Freshers Week, so look out for more information in group chats… And follow the *unofficial* Instagram @furnesscollege_fc for more.

FURNESS BAR SPORTS is a great way to get involved and to get into the college spirit. It is super informal and super social. The bar sports taster will be held on Saturday, October 6th, so the Saturday of Freshers Week to conclude your first week at Uni, ah!!!

FURNESS TABLE TENNIS is a great way to get involved in table tennis for people of all abilities. Whether you’re a beginner and want to improve your game or if you’re a more advanced player and would like to play competitively Furness College welcomes all to the college table tennis team.  The table tennis team trains twice a week and has an intercollege league every Wednesday. Trials are going to be held on the 8th and 9th from 6:15pm. Contact Daniel Head or Emre Ceyhan if you have any questions!

*Sports trials are mainly to test people’s levels of ability in order to place people in the right teams, and are absolutely no pressure at all and should be seen as fun!

There you have it! That’s the lowdown on the college that you’ll soon be calling home. Hopefully this has helped you all, and that you’re just as excited about joining as we are about having you! As always, send us a message if you have any questions at all!

Freshers Countdown…3 Weeks to Go!

A Guide to Lancaster City Centre

Hey there Freshers!

Obviously, moving out of home and into university is huge, no matter where you’re from, but moving to a new city, and for some of you, a whole new country, is bound to be slightly daunting. To help, we’ve created the ‘Guide to Lancaster’, with all the important information on what and where you can find all you need in the city centre. Brace yourselves, folks, this is going to be a long one!


There are various buses which can be used to get to the city centre. The main bus stop on campus is the underpass, but there are others located all over campus. See below:

Recently the Lancaster routes have been changing, but any 2, 3 or 4 bus (usually the U2, U3 or 4) will take you to the city centre, though the2 and 4 buses will take about 15-20 minutes while the 3 should only take 10. The easiest stop to get off at in town is Common Garden Street (which is just off the high street) or the bus shelter.

Taxi Companies:

  • 848848 Radio Taxis: 01524 848848
  • 32090 Taxis: 01524 32090
  • Coastal Taxis: 01524 60000
  • A1 Taxis: 01524 35666

32090 Taxis are based at 9 Church Street, around the corner from Mcdonalds and a few minutes from the Sugarhouse.

Lancaster’s Railway Station is on Meeting House Lane, with available bus travel to the university.



Lancaster’s main supermarket is Sainsbury’s, located on Cable Street in the northern part of the city. It’s easy to find, as it’s 30 seconds from the bus shelter and opposite the Sugarhouse. For those living on campus, there is a free bus service to and from Sainsbury’s that runs on Wednesdays (term time) from 11:00am to 6:00pm, though you may be required to show your receipt on the return journey.

As for alternative supermarkets, you can find:

Sainsbury’s Local (Penny St)
Tesco Express (King Street)
Farmfoods (Parliament St– opposite Sainsburys)
Booths (on the corner of Scotforth and Hala Road)
Oriental Food Store (Common Garden Street)
Iceland (Nicholas Arcade)

There are also various corner shops dotted about, and an Asda and Aldi nearer Morecambe.


Although Lancaster is not exactly the next Arndale Centre, there are still plenty of places to find what you need.

For clothes, the main stores include: Topshop, Topman, New Look, River Island, Primark, JD, Accessorize, Next, Marks & Spencers and TK Maxx. For you bookworms, there are two Waterstones, as well as stores such as Boots, Superdrug, Lush, Pandora and Clintons, etc. There are also budget stores (perfect for us students) such as Wilkinsons, Poundland, and B&M.

Beyond this, Lancaster is great for independent stores, and don’t miss the chance to check out the market that takes over town on Wednesdays and Saturdays – you can even find some of the market stalls on campus on Thursdays and Fridays! However, if you’re still missing some go-to shops from home, Preston and Manchester are only a train ride away!



Usually the most popular place for students is the Sugarhouse, which opens Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This place is run by Lancaster University Students Union and only opens to students of Lancaster and Cumbria (though you can bring a non-student friend with you as long as you are able to sign them in at entry). Don’t worry about getting to sugar either, the Sugarbus comes periodically to take you there and bring you back to campus. The times are listed below.

To find out more on the Sugarhouse, click here. 

Other popular clubs include Dalton Rooms, Hustle and the brand new Generation Bar which is taking over from Chupito. Dalton Rooms is located in Dalton Square, and popular for its Lollipop Mondays (soon to become Skint Mondays) and Cheese-on-toast Thursdays. To note: Glow Rooms is part of Daltons, just to clear up any potential confusion.

Hustle is located next door to Wetherspoons on Spring Garden Street and is popular for its cheap drinks, ball pit and DJ Wez. You really have to experience Hustle for yourself before your mind is made up about it.

As for Lancaster’s bars and pubs, the main ones (and popular for students) are Wetherspoons, The Crafty Scholar, Hogarths (for all you gin lovers), Sphere, The Study Room, Mint, Pendle Witch and many more! If you don’t get a chance to visit these bars during Freshers Week, you definitely will at the Furness 15 Hour Bar Crawl in November!



I bet you’re all wondering where the best places to eat are, hm? Unfortunately, Lancaster is lacking in the Nandos and Wagamama department, but there are still plenty of places to go!

In terms of fast food (and post-night-out scran) there’s the standard Mcdonalds and KFC (also Subway, though there is one on campus which opens until 4am). There are also plenty of takeaways, such as Starvin’ Marvin, Simply Delicious, among others who are always open until early hours, as well as Dominos, Golden Jade (Chinese food), Nice n Spicy and Bombay Balti (Indian Food) who all deliver to campus.

If you’re looking for restaurants, you can find a Bella Italia and Pizza Hut (though the latter is nearer the north of town, behind Farmfoods). There are some lovely independent places, such as Mollys and Paulo Gianni’s (if you’re feeling Italian). Pubs such as the White Cross and Merchants, as well as the Study Room and the Crafty Scholar all serve delicious food. And you can never go wrong with a W  etherspoons.

There are plenty cafes around town, alongside your standard Costa and Starbucks, and if you like Greggs, you’ve come the right place. For treats, Patisserie Valerie and Kaspa’s desserts are new to town!


Things to Do

If you’re looking for things to do or see around Lancaster, here are some things to start with:

  • Go to the cinema (Vue, Church Street – £4.99 for a student ticket)
  • Visit Lancaster Castle (Tours being held in fresher’s week – click here)
  • Williamson Park (for the beautiful views, walking up the Ashton Memorial and the mini zoo – with meerkats!) Go here for more info.

Below is a map of the city centre. The arrows point the direction of the one-way system around town. You’ll want to keep this in mind when driving.

City Living

Obviously, you don’t need to worry about moving off campus before you’ve even moved in, but here’s some info for when you start looking. For those moving into town, there is off-campus accommodation known as Chancellors Wharf on Aldcliffe Road. Find out more about it here.

However, if you’re planning to move into a shared house, the more popular letting agents are LUSU Living (who are part of Lancaster University Student Union), Yellow Door Lets and Student Housing Lancaster. If you need some extra help finding a place when the time comes to it, Lancaster University Homes is a website dedicated to helping you find safe, legitimate off-campus accommodation that has been approved by the university. Check out the website here.

And that’s about it for now folks. If we’ve missed something you want to know, or if you have any questions at all about the uni or Furness College, message the Furness Facebook page and we’ll do our best to answer them. And hey, this is just the basic stuff, there is so much more of Lancaster to discover for yourselves…roll on October!

Guide to campus coming soon…


Freshers Countdown… 4 Weeks to go!

Hey Freshers!
Welcome to the Furness freshers’ blog. In the next couple of weeks leading up to Welcome Week, here is where you can find the information you need to prepare for student life at Lancaster. We will be sharing tips on decorating, on settling into uni life, and giving you guides on both Lancaster and the University so that you will hopefully feel more at ease come Moving In Day! Today, let’s talk decorating!

Decorating your new room at university is such a fun thing to do to really personalise your space and make it your own, as is super important to do when you’re moving into this new and strange place. In Furness, every bedroom is provided with a desk, shelving, drawers, a wardrobe, a bin and a pinboard, and then either a sink in the bedroom or an ensuite toilet, depending on which accommodation you opted for. This means that there is plenty of ways to add originality to your new bedroom! I had the most fun with this because it really felt like the first step to becoming my own person and having my own space. The best advice I can give is to make it super homely, and so that you feel like you always have a piece of your home with you while you are away. This, obviously, can be done in so many ways. One way did this was using the same little air freshener in my room as we use at home, just to have a familiar smell. Here are some other ways that I made my uni room my own…

Pictures and posters! My pinboard in my room was covered with pictures of my friends and family, just as a reminder of home, whereas my flatmates had posters of their favourite TV shows. Little things like this really give you the opportunity to show your personality through your decoration. And, a lot of the time it is a great way to bond with your flatmates as they can act as a great icebreaker!

Fairy lights! These are another fab way to make your room feel very cosy, especially after those long days of lectures when all you really want to do is snuggle down with a cup of tea and watch Netflix and let the rest of the world go on without you for a little while. And, fairy lights are a great alternative to candles, which unfortunately you can’t have in your uni room for fire safety reasons – just make sure that you follow college rules and only use battery pack fairy lights (also for safety reasons)!

A blanket. Going back to the whole homely idea – blankets or throws are the easiest way to make your bedroom super cosy, especially in the winter time!

A plant. As if you don’t already need more responsibility going to uni… Just kidding (sort of)! A plant is a really nice way to bring some life into your room. You could even name it too if you’re missing your pets while you’re away!

Here is an example of how you could decorate your room:

And, to round it off here’s a list of things that you might like to pack with you to make things a little bit easier when you get to uni:
– Doorstop – to keep your door open, obviously. This is something I would consider essential, and open door policy really helped me and my flat bond in the first couple of weeks at uni! (If you forget, you can always use a tea towel and that works just as well)
– Lamp – but no halogen bulbs! (And only battery pack fairy lights, and NO candles)
– Washing basket – this makes things MUCH easier when you have to go down to the laundry
– Extension lead – for all those devices!
– Washing rack
– This one is optional, but one I definitely found useful in standard accommodation, some cheap plastic drawers for the bottom of my wardrobe and a plastic box just for shoe storage!

I think that’s it for now… but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! Really looking forward to meeting you all soon!


Hey there Furnessians! Good weekend? Virtual hugs for all my stressed pals out there, you’re going to smash those exams! There’s a lot going on this coming weekend, including Lancaster Pride! Here’s what’s going on this week…


Richard Slatter Memorial Pool Tournament 

The annual pool tournament, in memory of Richard Slatter, will be held in Trev this Saturday (the 19th). The tournament starts at 12pm, but sign-ups will take place at 11am. All are welcome, though priority will be given to you Furnessians.


Relaxation Night!

For those of you who are in need of some de-stressing, keep the 29th May open for some extreme relaxation! Watch this space for more details, you won’t want to miss out!



Don’t forget the weekly quiz  in Trev, 7:30pm. This week’s specialist topic is quite close to home…Furness Presidents – Past & Present! As usual, £1 a head to play.


Royal Wedding Coffee Morning 

This time, your welfare coffee morning is taking on a royal theme, just in time for the Royal Wedding! Come on down to Furness Foyer on Friday (11am -2pm) to treat yourself to some sophisticated food fit for Queen Lizzie!


Royal Wedding Street Party

If the coffee morning wasn’t enough celebration, join us for an inter-college party (and some afternoon tea) in Alex Square on the 19th May (this Saturday) to watch the Royal Wedding on the big screen. Find more information here.


Something is coming…

It’s been a long long wait, but Extrav is nearly here. Details coming soon…


And that’s it for this week, folks! Enjoy the royal wedding, if you’re not too busy kicking ass at pool or waving that rainbow flag.  See you next time!




Bev’s Hills – Week 28

Happy Monday Furness! Only 3 weeks to go until SUMMER!

Hustings & General Meeting – THIS TUESDAY
This week from Wednesday to Friday voting will open for JCR positions, but before that, we’ll be holding Hustings at our termly general meeting on Tuesday evening. Come to the TV Room at 5:45pm to hear what the candidates have to say, and ask them any questions about why you should vote for them! Furness has a tradition of having the best voter turnout – lets keep that up because the college with the highest percentage will get £300 great British pounds sterling! Wit woo!

Carter Shield – THIS WEDNESDAY
Do you miss school sports day? Want a wave of nostalgia? Then come along to the sports hall on Wednesday at 1pm to represent Furness! You’ll even get a FREE T-SHIRT AND WATER BOTTLE for doing so, what more could you want?!


Games and Food Evening – THIS FRIDAY
Looking for something to do this Friday night? Come down to the TV room at 7pm for an evening of games and FREE FOOD (We have cake, crisps, biscuit, tea/coffee etc). Here is the Facebook event!


Extrav – RoboRave
Tickets are still on sale for our Extrav, RoboRave. For any freshers who are unaware, “extrav” is a massive party at the end of term in each college held during Week 10. You can buy tickets here and make sure you attend the Facebook event to keep up to date with new exciting information!


Canal Cruise – LAST CHANCE
Fish & Chips, Boat, Quiz, Prizes… what more could you want?! Next Wednesday (15th June) we’re hiring the Kingfisher boat for an evening cruise along the Lancaster Canal. You’ll be served award winning fish and chips, and there’ll be a quiz where you can win prizes! Don’t worry, drinks will be available to purchase on the boat! We’ll be departing at 7:00pm and returning 9:40pm, and the college are subsidising this event so the cost is only £10 per person! We only have a few places left, so be quick! To book email Bev at:


Graduation Tickets
If you’re due to graduate this summer and haven’t yet sorted out tickets, then contact Bev, college administrator, as soon as possible! Her email is

England vs Wales Football Social
Next week on Thursday  afternoon (16th June) we’re going to be showing the UEFA EURO England vs Wales Football match in the TV Room – save the date!

We’ve started putting together this term’s edition of the college magazine, Furst, which will be a recap of the year. Do you have any memories or photos you want to send in? We’d love you hear from you! Message our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

Mike xoxo

Bev’s Hills – Week 22 2016

Hi everyone! It’s only a short one this week so let’s get straight to it!

Pub Quiz
This week marks the return of the “We <3 Trev Wednesday” Pub Quiz! As you may know, the pub quiz will only take every other week this term due to pesky exams and coursework deadlines, but there’s still all to play for! For the teeny price of £1 you can earn yourself a chance of getting on this term’s leaderboard to win a bonus cash prize at the end of term, as well as the usual cash prize for first and second place. This week’s specialist topic is Capital Cities, so brush up on your knowledge and come to Trev at 7:30pm on Wednesday! More information on our Facebook event.

This weekend it’s ROSES, our annual sporting competition against York! This year it’s being held on home turf and so we have lots of exciting events going on to keep you entertained. Snow Sports society are taking over Trev for “Roses Après Ski” – expect mulled wine, vodka ice luge, a snowboard simulator, traditional food, and live music! Come down to Trev from 8pm Friday or 5pm Saturday to get involved! More details here.

Roses Photo
Are you a Furnessian competing in Roses? Then we’d love for you to be involved in our college Roses photo! Come down to the foyer at 5:30pm on Wednesday in your sporting gear (whether college or university kit), and feel free to bring any equipment – let’s keep the Furnessian spirit high during Roses!

Just Play
Just Play have organised a Couch-to-5km training program that you can take part in for FREE! More information available on their Facebook Page.

10@10 Exam Stress Relief
Every Monday at 10am come to Furness TV Room for 10 minutes of relaxation and preparation to start your week right. We’ll be providing free tea/coffee/drinks/biscuits as well as study tips to make sure you’re on top of your revision and ready for your exams! More details available on our Facebook event.

Exam Tips
With exam season looming (or already here!) for many of us, make yourself familiar with the in’s and out’s of the examination process to make it easier for yourself on the day! Here are some helpful infographics provided by the students’ union:

Example Exam

Exam Tips A5 2016

Exam Tips A5 2016 2

Thanks for reading guys! Have a great week!

Mike xxxx

Bev’s Hills – Week 18

HAPPY WEEK 18 EVERYONE! Only 3 weeks left until the end of term! And it’s also an important week because it is….

Boy oh boy do we have an amazing weekend planned! On Thursday we’re having a pre-patriots social, starting in Trev at 8pm with free entertainment courtesy of our Open Mic Night. We will then have Hustle Busses to take us straight to Hustle to celebrate the start of the competition in style!

Sporting events take place on Friday evening and all day Saturday, before pre-drinks and a night out in the Sugarhouse on Saturday night. You have the chance to get involved with a wide range of sports including dodgeball, rounders, ultimate frisbee, beer pong and even sports day activities – a full timetable is available on the Facebook event HERE

***SIGN UPS***
We want as many people to get involved as possible – you don’t have to have any previous experience in the sport to have a go! If you’re interested in taking part then you can put your name forward online HERE or on one of the sign up forms in Trev any time this week. Alternatively you can just turn up to any of the sporting events and get involved, although if we’re running short of places priority will be given to people who have signed up in advance 🙂

All participants will get a FREE PACKED LUNCH and a FREE WATER BOTTLE! (*until stocks run out)

Just as important as the participation is the support, so please please come down to any of the events you can to spectate and cheer on the college teams!

On top of all the excitement with Patriots, we have all of the usual amazing sports happening this week. Firstly, congrats to the Netball A team who beat County 21-15 last week! Most of our upcoming fixtures are against Cartmel so come down and get in the Patriots spirit!

Men’s Pool A Team vs Cartmel, 7pm Tuesday @ Cartmel
Men’s Pool B Team vs Cartmel, 7pm Tuesday @ Trev
Men’s Darts vs Cartmel, 7pm Monday (Today!) @ Cartmel
Women’s Pool vs Cartmel, 7pm Monday (Today!) @ Cartmel
Women’s Darts vs Cartmel, 7pm Tuesday @ Cartmel
Mixed Dominoes vs Cartmel, 7pm Monday (Today!) @ Cartmel

Football B Team vs Bowland, 2pm Sunday, Location TBC
Netball A Team vs Cartmel, 8pm Monday (Today!) @ Netball Courts
Netball A Team vs Fylde, 6pm Tuesday @ Netball Courts
Netball B Team vs Grad, 3pm Wednesday @ Netball Courts
Welcome Week
Planning for the next Welcome Week (aka Freshers’ week!) is already underway! If you have any feedback from your Freshers’ week or have anything you’d like to see then our President Qas would love your input – pop into Trev any Wednesday from 12-1 or email him to have your say! –

Pub Quiz
The pub quiz is back this week! The specialist topic for this week is Nottingham Forest. As always, it only costs £1 to enter and you can find the Facebook event here.


We’re in the process of creating this term’s edition of Furst, the college magazine! If you have anything at all you’d like to contribute (art/photography/writing/poetry/absolutely anything!!) then please message the Facebook page, we’d love to heart from you!

Fresher Rep Interviews
Thanks to everyone who submitted an application to become a First Year College Rep for the next academic year! Anyone who was successful in progressing to the next stage should’ve received an email to arrange interviews which will be taking place Wednesday-Friday, 10am-4pm. If you have any issues then please contact Tom Coleman, VP Welfare and Campaigns –

Mind Your Own Business
Do you have a business idea? Or have you started up a new social enterprise?  Then the ‘Mind Your Own Business!’ competition is for you! It’s the chance to win your own office space in Furness College for the entirety of Summer Term to help you develop your business. Send your application to by Tuesday Week 19 (8th March) – this is open to ALL STUDENTS in ALL COLLEGES so spread the word! For more information check out the Facebook page 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Mike xxxx

College News 1st May 2015

Hi Everyone – Friday again, and the end of week 2! 


Please remember that from  13th April – 17th June is Quiet Period across the University.

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Scones and JamThe cream tea tickets are still on sale at a cost of £6.00 per person.  Please bring your booking form with you when buying your tickets.  If you have sent your forms to the office, or left them with a member of staff, you will need to call into the College Office and collect the actual tickets!



Information from the University


Are you still exploring career options and sectors, or have you ever wondered what it takes to be, or work with, and entrepreneur?  Curious, then join the enterprise team and the story telling event Start Up Stories with past Lancaster Alumni narrators, sharing the highs, lows and lessons learned on their own entrepreneurial journeys. The event will take place on Thursday 11th June between 6 and 9pm.  To sign up click this link:


Student Based Services are looking for UG, PG and international student volunteers to map the student journey from the point of first lecture to graduation. The session will take place on May 8th from 18:00-20:00 and will include pizza and drinks. All participants will receive a £10 Amazon voucher. If you are interested in being involved please email


Kids Meals Now Available On Campus                                                      food4kids_large

To improve our food and drink offering on campus for families and parents, kids meals are now available at a number of our popular outlets including The Deli, The Winning Post and Refuel (at both County and Barker House Farm). From strawberry jam baps, hot meat sandwiches to spaghetti bolognaise, there’s something on each menu that your kids will love. We even have activity packs to keep them busy whilst waiting for their food. High chairs are also available in all of these outlets.  


Award ceremony for this years successful applicants is 15th June 2015.

It is recommended that all students aim to submit their documents before the deadline date as we have experienced technical glitches with Moodle in the past that show submissions as being late. The deadline for submissions this year are as follows:


  • To submit a one skill for reviewing (that does not count towards the overall grade) = Friday 22 May
  • To submit the Activities Checklist and Skills Bank = Monday 22 June
  • For placement and study abroad students = Friday 30 October
  • Extenuating circumstances may be considered on an individual basis


Lancaster University is offering more than 100 scholarships worth £10,000 each as part of a Government initiative to offer additional support for students wishing to progress to Master’s level study. The scheme is open to UK/EU students who began their undergraduate studies after 1st September 2012.

In addition, as a Lancaster graduate you may also be entitled to the Alumni Loyalty Scholarship. This scholarship will offer a reduction in tuition fees to all taught Master’s programmes for eligible applicants, determined by the level of undergraduate award achieved. The value of the scholarship is as follows:

  • 20% fee reduction for 1st Class Hons degree holders
  • 10% fee reduction for 2:1 Hons degree holders.
  • As a top 10 University we ensure that our world-leading research informs our high quality teaching, resulting in a dynamic postgraduate community. We support every student in making the most of their education and life at Lancaster with excellent facilities, reputable teaching staff and professional support services.

To find out if you’re eligible for either the Lancaster Master’s Scholarship or the Alumni Loyalty Scholarship and would like to apply, please visit our website for further information.  For enquiries relating to the scholarships please email:

Interested in a Career in the Army? 1-2-1 drop-ins Interested in a Career in the Army? With graduate vacancies in catering, engineering, business, accounting, IT, flying logisitics, medicine, veterinary, communication, cyber & leadership development and many more… If you are looking for  career that offers challenge and adventure, then a career in the Army could be right for you. The salary is competitive and you’ll get paid from the moment you start your training. With over 200 different roles, there’s a huge range of careers to choose from.Book your place to have a chat to Marc Steventon to discuss your career.

When: 06-May-2015 – 10:30 – 14:50 Where: A12 Careers – The Base

Book your place via TARGETconnect The Careers Team

Useful Links:The Knowledge Bank contains careers information and resources related to your programme of study, graduate recruitment and selection together with insights into some of the key graduate employers.

Got a query? Submit your CV for checking or ask us a question via TARGETconnect