Bev’s Hills – Week 15

Hello and welcome to your latest installment of the critically acclaimed Bev’s Hills! In regular fashion I’ll start with my lame joke of the week:

[learn_more caption=”What do you call a chicken in a shell suit”] An egg![/learn_more]

15 Hour Bar Crawl

Less than a week a to go until arguably the best social of the year! The 15 Hour Bar Crawl is this Saturday (16th) and your social secs and entertainments team have worked extremely hard and sorted out some amazing drink and food deals and entry into 11 places! And a free bus to anyone who is meeting  in trev. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 12:15 in Trevor, £7!  Join the Facebook Event now

Also if you didn’t get a chance to see our “promo” video:

The permanent marker still hasn’t come off…

Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness is a worldwide movement of people committed to building a happier society. It is a simple, but powerful idea. We’re not proposing anything new, just promoting the need to prioritise that which makes people happy. People need to care less about what they can get for themselves and more about the happiness of others. This is why Lancaster University is having an Action for Happiness Campaign. Let’s join together and spread the happiness!

Week 6 (18th – 22nd February) we are going to have a whole week of Action for Happiness to make people happy and to inspire them to share that happiness.

For more info:

Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues 2013The most thought provoking and hilarious performance returns once again to Lancaster. Performed by nearly 50 students, and in our very own Sugarhouse, this is not a show to miss! Tickets have gone on sale and are available for just £5 from the LUSU info desk (under Spar!). Hurry though as tickets are limited due to a smaller venue.

11th 12th and 14th Feb, doors open at 7.00 pm Join the Facebook Event

Our First Furst

Your publicity king Piotr Motyka has finished the long awaited Furst! Pick up a beautiful printed copy in Trevor or read it online here:

Furst – Lent Edition – 1

In this edition: Meet Your JCR, The President Speaks, Cooking with Coggin, Then & Now, Displacement of the ‘Self’, Mrs. Furst, Overturd at Lancaster & Hands on Space!

Disclaimer: Please don’t take anything in this magazine too seriously, it’s just a bit of good ol’ fun like it always has been and always will be! 🙂 (don’t sue us) 

furness sports


The B’s had a friendly on Sunday against Fylde, although this certainly wasn’t played like one. Crunching tackles from central midfield and solid defending and the back ensured a deserved clean sheet. Super striker Richard Orford was the main man up top for the blues, he held the ball up brilliantly and played exceptionally well as a one striker. Score: 3-0 Furness. Kitch Orford and Cuddihee all scoring for Furness.

The A’s got their first win of the season against Cartmel after lacking fortune in previous fixtures. The first half was tough as the wind was strong and against them which proved a big factor throughout the game. Furness defenders stood strong throughout the half and held their ground to enter half time at a promising 0-0. Furness knew they had the advantage going into the 2nd half, however few chances were created at first. It took a bursting run from right back Cam Glennon to drill a cross into Mike Tyers to secure the first goal. The second goal was some thing special, a long curling and looping shot (cross) from Rick Kotarski rubbed salt into Cartmel’s wounds. Ste Lyddon, the big lump in midfield, made his way into the opposition’s penalty area and produced a 8/10 dive to win Furness a penalty! George Shilton calmly as ever stepped up to fire home the victory! 3-0 Furness well deserved and one up on Cartmel ahead of Patriots!! MOM Tyers who worked his socks off and posed a constant threat to Cartmel’s back four. Special mention to Jonny Horsely having a fantastic game on debut.


The Bs lost on Wednesday against a strong Bowland side but put up a really good fight with a weakened squad! And on Tuesday night the As won, beating County 30-26 after being 17-21 down at the end of the third quarter, absolutely annihilated them 13-5 in the last quarter! Lauren Heaven picking up woman of the match!

LUSU Elections

I’m sure you all can’t wait to be bombarded with campaign posters and facebook spam (i’m guilty of it) but nominations for LUSU full time officers are now open! For more information:

Office Hours:

Reginald Popoola – Male education and welfare (condom fairy) – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Gosia Felisiak – Vice President – Tuesday 10-11 and Thursday 3-4
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities Monday 12-1
Big welcome to your new stand in equal oppurtunites guy, Linus Yau – Wednesday 3-4

That’s everything for this week! A big congratulations to Layla and Rachel on their first pub quiz, we hope to see you all down there next Sunday (even if you are hanging after the 15 hour).


Bev’s Hills – Week 14

FURNESSIANS WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION!? Sorry I’m still stoked about the 15 Hour Bar Crawl, the whole screaming like a Spartan will get old fast. Welcome once again to your favourite weekly college newsletter!

[learn_more caption=”What did the mexican put under his carpet?”] Underlay! Underlay![/learn_more]

Can you create the most extravagant extrav ever?

Do you want to help create arguably the best college event of the year get in touch with Damon by 6PM tonight (4th Feb). This is an extremely exciting opportunity to bring your own creativity and opinions to the table and make them a reality!

Mrs Furst

Mrs Furst is still here to help! Send your problems/questions to Furness’ resident agony aunt. I mean who wouldn’t listen to the advice of a complete stranger? We’ll put the best questions in Furst the college magazine which will be out soon!

Ask Mrs Furst

15 Hour Bar Crawl

FURNESS 15 HOUR BAR CRAWLIts the 10 year anniversary and 21st Bar Crawl, and it promises to be a big one! So make sure you keep 16th Feb free, and probably the 17th as well!

T-shirt sales and prices TBA, keep checking the Furness Facebook Page and the event here:



College Survey

I know you will all be thrilled to help the college and fill out the survey! On a serious note, it takes literally one minute to fill out, and is your chance to get your opinions across and shape the future of Furness. Please get them in before 6PM tonight! 

furness sports

Netball: The As play County on Tuesday at 6PM and the Bs play Bowland at 3PM on Wednesday! Get down and support your college!

Football: The A’s have a got a game this coming Wednesday against Cartmel, kick off at 2PM!

Patriots Cup all kicks off 1st March! The Patriot’s is our annual sporting competition with arch-nemesis (and frankly worst 😉 )  college Cartmel! It’s a great chance to play some ridiculous sports and represent Furness.

Like the Furness Patriots Page, for upto the minute competition results and witty commentary (petty abuse) from the new Furness Mascot!

 Cross-Campus Chinese New Year!

Cross-Campus Chinese New Year EventGet ready for one of the most exciting Cross-Campus events this year! All 9 colleges along with Lancaster University Chinese Society have gathered to celebrate, and give you a glimpse of one of the most exciting and magical festivals of Asia.

Come down to Fylde bar to have an amazing evening filled with fantastic performances, delicious Chinese food and lots of entertaining stalls.

See the event here!

Furness Pub Quiz Returns

Our lovely Social Secretaries have revamped the Furness Pub Quiz and it will return to Trevor, our beloved college bar this Sunday the 10th of February at 19:00.

It’s only £1, so why not come on down and use the power of mind, body, soul… and drinking and good times to win a luvly jubly bar tab to spice up your Sunday!

Join the facebook event!

Office Hours

Reginald Popoola – Male education and welfare (condom fairy) – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Gosia Felisiak – Vice President – Tuesday 10-11 and Thursday 3-4
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities Monday 12-1

That’s your lot for this week! ‘Til next time,

Henry 🙂

p.s. I sound like a children’s TV presenter.

Bev’s Hills Week 13

Hello and welcome to your third installment of literary excellence.

As per, I’ll start with only bit you like to read:

[learn_more caption=”What do you call an alligator that wears a vest?”] An Investigator! (wahey swanky hidden answer!)[/learn_more]

New Equal Opportunities Officer

We regret to announce that Sarah Dowd, one of your equal opps officer has decided to resign so that she can dedicate more time to her degree. It is unfortunate that we have lost a member of the team this early on in the term, and we thank Sarah for the work she has already done. Nevertheless we now have an exciting opportunity for a member of the college to join our team! We need a new equal opps officer from weeks 4-8, if you’re interested keep checking the Facebook Page as we will release more information later this week!

[learn_more caption=”Equal opportunity Officer description: “] They Shall be ultimately responsible for Equal Opportunities in the JCR, alongside the other Equal Opportunities Officer. These responsibilities include LGBTQ*, Disability, International and Green issues. They shall be responsible for campaigning for the rights of all students within the college and to ensure that they are treated equally and fairly. They shall be responsible for co-ordinating and facilitating campaigns, along with the other Equal Opportunities Officer to raise awareness and challenge prejudice and discrimination of any member of a minority group. Both officers shall be jointly responsible for the organisation of a minimum of two events tailored towards international students per calendar year. Also they shall liaise with appropriate LUSU Officer(s). They shall meet with the other Equal Opportunities Officer within a week of being elected and shall divide the attendance of LUSU committees between themselves. They will have an office hour each week.[/learn_more]

Furness Exrav 2013

As we plough on through the Lent term the time has one again come for Furness to begin to organise our 2013 Extrav! Extrav is an annual event which brings the whole of Furness together to celebrate the end of the academic year! Each college puts an Extrav on but we in Furness always put on the best one! If you have ideas and would like to join the Extrav organisers group please drop Damon an email ( with around about 100 words explaining what you would bring to the group. This is an extremely exciting opportunity to bring your own creativeness and opinions to the table and make them a reality!

Ask Mrs Furst

Furst Magazine’s very own grumpy and straight talking agony aunt from Hartlepool is here to help! Get your questions into Mrs Furst here. She’ll answer as many as she can and they”ll be in the next edition of Furst! Also if you want your article / your illustration of Michael Jackson in Furst then get in touch with Piotr ASAP, we’re going to print soon!

Eve Ensler in Lancaster – One Billion Rising

The author of The Vagina Monologues is coming to Lancaster to join us for One Billion Rising!


We’ll be celebrating One Billion Rising in the centre of Lancaster with a flashmob of the One Billion Rising dance routine performed by our cast, followed by an event at Lancaster library involving performances, poetry readings and the chance to meet Eve Ensler.


yourLGBTQ* Week 3 Social: Video Games Night

Wii games, Xbox Kinect, board games and twister. A great (and cheap!) night for everyone. If that isn’t enough, we’ll be providing free snacks! They are also launching their Ally Ribbon campaign for LGBTQ history month today. The most important message of the campiagn is that the ribbons show your support for the LGBTQ community, in preparation for the events of next month.

Office Hours

Reginald Popoola – Male education and welfare (condom fairy) – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Gosia Felisiak – Vice President – Tuesday 10-11
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities Monday 12-1

Big Plans for the 15 hour – it’s our 20th bar crawl so make sure you keep 16th Feb free!

Cheers 🙂