College Porters – Paul Davey, Sue Smith, Terry Metcalfe & Joanne Shaw


Terry  Joanne

The College Porters are highly valued members of the College and are important people in College life.  Most students will see more of them than of the other University officers and they provide all sorts of help cheerfully and informally.  The College Porters keep the infamous ‘incident book’ covering everything from noise complaints to inter flat fall outs!  If your actions warrant a mention ‘in the book’, expect a visit from the Deanery – you have been warned!

They can be contacted on 01524 593714.


College Administrator – Jo Dickinson

My name is Jo and I am responsible for the day to day running of the College and for the welfare of our students. I work closely with all the College Officers and JCR members to ensure our College and events run smoothly, and our students have a friendly face they can turn to if they have any queries or just want someone to talk to. I hope you have a great time whilst at Lancaster and if I can be of help with anything at all, please pop in and see me.


College Dean – Natalie Miller

Hello, I’m Natalie your College Dean. I’m responsible for making sure that the college is a safe and happy place and I try to ensure rule violations are kept to a minimum. Most of you (I hope) will only see me at social events throughout the year.

Senior Advisor – Kevin Huggett


I am the Anglican Chaplain at the University’s Chaplaincy Centre, which provides a welcome to everyone, and a home to many different faith groups on campus. I also serve as Senior Advisor to Furness College,coordinating the work of a team of volunteer College Advisors who are there to help you settle into University life. My interests are music (look out for my band Soulrigg around campus!) and collecting musical instruments, fell walking, photography, art, cooking and gardening.

Vice-Principal – Olga Gomez-Cash


Hello, my name is Olga and I’m Head of Department in the Department of European Languages and Cultures. I have been Vice-Principal of Furness College for a number of years, having been both an Assistant Dean and Dean in the past. Being part of the College has allowed me to understand and connect to the University in many ways. College life is in many ways the soul of Lancaster University life, and I am proud to be involved in Furness College and support it. As Vice-Principal I represent the College in the absence of the Principal at various University meetings and sit on the Management Group of the College, and the College Council and Syndicate.


Principal – Wlodek Tych


Hello, my name is Wlodek and as Principal I represent the College within the University to make sure it is your true home-from-home. I would like you to be aware of of my presence, as I don’t want my role to be a purely formal one. I am known by my students in LEC to be approachable, so try me, I am also known as a saxophone playing foodie gadget person, if this makes sense. I swim and sail, had Dog, now have Cats, often talk to animals, sometimes to inanimate objects. If you want to know anything else – ask.