Sports Officers – Nicola Cresswell and Sarah Wheeler

Circle Nicola

Nicola – Hi all! I’m a third year Criminology student who loves sport but especially Furness “sport” in particular!! My job as Sports Officer is to make sure the Furness way of winning or losing any sport with bags of laughs is upheld and to give you guys all the opportunities you could dream of for your sporting needs. From battling the other colleges in all sports at the Carter shield to crushing Cartmel at everything remotely competitive at Patriots, I’ll do my best to organise the sports and activities that you love to make getting involved in the greatness that is Furness even better. Our college football, netball and bar sports are the friendliest teams on campus so I hope to be playing alongside you in our sporting events soon 🙂

Sarah round

SarahHey guys! I’m Sarah, a third year psychology student from Newcastle, whyaye! I’m your Furness Sports Officer meaning my job is to provide all furnessians with the opportunity to partake in college sports. I’m aiming to increase female participation in particular, ensure everyone partaking enjoys whichever sports they choose and ultimately, of course, Furness win! You’ll often see me downing a pint in trev… However this is ok as I’ll be doing it in full football kit, and boat racing is considered a sport. I look forward to the year ahead, working with my fellow furnessians to provide the best experience for this college!

Education & Opportunities Officer – Ellie McCann

ellie round

Ellie – Furnessians! My name is Ellie, I’m a third year Physical Geography student and your Education and Opportunities Officer. My role is to support you, Furness Students, make the most out of your University and College experience. In particular, my role focuses on encouraging you to explore your options and on your personal development. This ranges from promoting workshops on skills development, the Lancaster Award, entrepreneurship through Mind Your Own Business, seeking part time work or voluntary opportunities – I am here to help you! Furthermore, as part of the wider welfare team I’m here as a friendly face in Furness, whether stressed with exams, feeling home-sick, or just in want of a chat, I’m there for you!

International Student Experience (ISE) Officer – Savni Sawant

Savni Round

Savni – Hey Guys, I’m Savni and I am a third year Biomedicine student from India. I understand the challenges that come with being an international student but you need not worry as we shall sort it all out together! I can be found the at library or submitting assignments at the Furness building but apart from those boring tasks I can assure you can you can confide in me and report any queries or issues that you have. My job is to look after your welfare and socials and make sure you feel like you belong here as much as everybody else. I am passionate about helping others and making sure no one ever feels low or dejected especially when you are miles away from home. Feel free to come up to me for a chat, even if it’s for fun, I’m always up for a good conversation 🙂

Welfare and Campaigns Officers – Beth Margerison and Joseph Walsh

Circle Beth

Beth – Hi guys, I’m a third year Economics student and one of your welfare and campaigns officers. I am here for YOU! I’m always happy to talk, and many can vouch that I will literally talk to anybody and everybody. So if you need somebody to rant at about coursework, a shoulder to cry on, or just some friendly advice, come and chat to me! No issue is too big or too small, whatever the problem I aim to find you the best help possible at university.  I also hope to get the word out about any campaigns or charities you feel strongly about, so if you have any ideas come tell me (or another member of the team) and we will try our best to implement it. Basically, over the course of the next year I hope to be a listening ear! I’m almost always in Trev cradling a cup of coffee, so feel free to stop and talk to me whenever you fancy!


Joseph – Hey guys! I’m Joe, a fourth year Physics student from Liverpool and one of the Welfare and Campaigns officers for Furness College JCR. Most of my time spent on campus I can be found in Trevor, the college bar (except when pesky lectures get in the way!) Feel free to come and chat any time you need a sympathetic ear. University can be stressful for all of us at times, and just talking it out can do a world of good. Where I can’t help you myself, I can get you in touch with those who can and provide information about the services the college and university have to offer. Furness College is like one big family, and the JCR is here to make sure everyone feels at home. If you want to get involved just come and find us, and remember if you ever feel like things are getting on top of you, just come talk to us any time!

Media & Communications Officers – Mike Suffield and Kirsten McPhail

Circle Mike

Mike – Hi everyone! I’m a 4th year Maths and Computer Science student and I make up one half of Furness’s Media and Communications Team. I am responsible for creating videos, posters and graphics to promote college events as well as maintaining the college website (yep, you’re on it right now!) and social media pages. We also make “Furst”, the college magazine, and the weekly Bev’s Hills newsletter. I’m passionate about producing high quality and entertaining content and look forward to working alongside Grace to make sure Furness’ presence on campus and online is the best it can be!


Kirsten – Hi guys! I’m a 3rd year Biomedicine student. I, along with Mike, am responsible for keeping you guys up to date with all the things going on in the college, for example social events. We also write weekly (Bev’s Hills) and termly (Furst) newsletters, to remind you guys of what has happened in the college and what will be happening in the future. I’m excited to work with Mike and the rest of the JCR to help everyone in Furness be constantly informed!

Contact Us – If you’d like to contact the JCR, the easiest way to do so would be to message our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can email Mike or Kirsten personally!

Treasurer – Esther Potter

Esther – Hey everyone! I’m Esther, a third year Ethics, Philosophy and Religions student from toasty Essex. I tend to be found in Trev thinking deep thoughts into a pint or in various cafes nursing a cup of coffee, I’m always up for a chat if anyone wants to inquire on the ins and outs of the JCR. As your Treasurer, my job will be to handle the different aspects of the JCR’s finances, in organising who gets how much money and for what in all areas; such as financing your sports team’s equipment and all of your Furness College events. I’m also the expert minuiter in the JCR meetings which will all be posted online for you guys; so you can find out all the plans we have for your college! I’m super excited to be a part of this team and I really hope I can help give you guys the year you deserve!

Chairperson – Adam Butler

adam round
– Hey Furness! I’m Adam, a third year Maths and Economics student and your current chairperson. My job is to make sure everyone’s voice is heard in the college. I run the weekly meetings where the JCR discuss and organise all the goings on in Furness. I will also be chairing the general meetings and Hustings, which give Furness students the opportunity to vote on important matters, so I hope to see you there! I spend a lot of my free time in our college bar, Trev, and am always happy to listen to any thoughts you may have either on the JCR or as our college as a whole.

Vice President (Welfare and Campaigns) – James Fletcher Adams

James round

James – Hello, my name is James and I am one of your VP Welfare and Campaigns for this term. I am a second year currently studying Marketing and Management. Being part of the Furness college bar sports team you will often find me in Trevor for a casual chat and a cheeky drink, so feel free to come and talk to me! Over the next year I am going to help run the campaigns, that you as a college want, along with being that first port of call for any issue you may face. Hope you have a great year and can’t wait to see you around!

Furness JCR Elections 2013

Elections Logo

Nominations for the following Furness JCR Exec positions are open next Monday (18th)! Click on the positions below to find out more about them!

– President
– Vice President (Social & Events)
– Vice President (Welfare & Campaigns)
– Chairperson
– Treasurer
– Social & Events Officer (2 positions)
– Welfare & Campaigns Officer (2 positions)
– Media & Communications Officer (2 positions)
– International Student Experience (ISE) Officer
– Education & Opportunities Officer

Information Talk: Find out more about elections and ask any questions you may have about elections of the available positions: Week 7 7:00pm 19th November Furness TV Room.

Nominations: open in Week 7, 10am Monday ( 18th November and close 5pm Friday 22nd November.

Candidates Meeting: Week 7 6:00pm Friday 22nd November Furness LT1.

Hustings: Week 8 6:30pm Tuesday 26th November at the Biology LT1 (The one next to Trev with the Whale)

Voting: opens Week 8 10am Wednesday 27th November and closes 5PM Friday 29th November.

Results: at 7pm in Trevor on Friday 29th November.

For more information please e-mail our lovely welsh chairman Willy Downes at


Vice President (Socials and Events) – Karl Ignacio

Karl round

Karl – Hey everyone! I’m a third year Biological Sciences with Biomedicine student (breathe) and I’m honoured to be your VP Socials and Events. Along with your Social Secs – Sophie and Claudia – I’ll be co-ordinating social events like the 15 Hour Bar Crawl, Winter Ball and the biggie – Extrav. I am more than happy to take on board any feedback or ideas that you may have, because at the end of the day we all want the same thing – amazing socials. Let’s make this happen Furness!