Bev’s Hills Week 13

Hello and welcome to your third installment of literary excellence.

As per, I’ll start with only bit you like to read:

[learn_more caption=”What do you call an alligator that wears a vest?”] An Investigator! (wahey swanky hidden answer!)[/learn_more]

New Equal Opportunities Officer

We regret to announce that Sarah Dowd, one of your equal opps officer has decided to resign so that she can dedicate more time to her degree. It is unfortunate that we have lost a member of the team this early on in the term, and we thank Sarah for the work she has already done. Nevertheless we now have an exciting opportunity for a member of the college to join our team! We need a new equal opps officer from weeks 4-8, if you’re interested keep checking the Facebook Page as we will release more information later this week!

[learn_more caption=”Equal opportunity Officer description: “] They Shall be ultimately responsible for Equal Opportunities in the JCR, alongside the other Equal Opportunities Officer. These responsibilities include LGBTQ*, Disability, International and Green issues. They shall be responsible for campaigning for the rights of all students within the college and to ensure that they are treated equally and fairly. They shall be responsible for co-ordinating and facilitating campaigns, along with the other Equal Opportunities Officer to raise awareness and challenge prejudice and discrimination of any member of a minority group. Both officers shall be jointly responsible for the organisation of a minimum of two events tailored towards international students per calendar year. Also they shall liaise with appropriate LUSU Officer(s). They shall meet with the other Equal Opportunities Officer within a week of being elected and shall divide the attendance of LUSU committees between themselves. They will have an office hour each week.[/learn_more]

Furness Exrav 2013

As we plough on through the Lent term the time has one again come for Furness to begin to organise our 2013 Extrav! Extrav is an annual event which brings the whole of Furness together to celebrate the end of the academic year! Each college puts an Extrav on but we in Furness always put on the best one! If you have ideas and would like to join the Extrav organisers group please drop Damon an email ( with around about 100 words explaining what you would bring to the group. This is an extremely exciting opportunity to bring your own creativeness and opinions to the table and make them a reality!

Ask Mrs Furst

Furst Magazine’s very own grumpy and straight talking agony aunt from Hartlepool is here to help! Get your questions into Mrs Furst here. She’ll answer as many as she can and they”ll be in the next edition of Furst! Also if you want your article / your illustration of Michael Jackson in Furst then get in touch with Piotr ASAP, we’re going to print soon!

Eve Ensler in Lancaster – One Billion Rising

The author of The Vagina Monologues is coming to Lancaster to join us for One Billion Rising!


We’ll be celebrating One Billion Rising in the centre of Lancaster with a flashmob of the One Billion Rising dance routine performed by our cast, followed by an event at Lancaster library involving performances, poetry readings and the chance to meet Eve Ensler.


yourLGBTQ* Week 3 Social: Video Games Night

Wii games, Xbox Kinect, board games and twister. A great (and cheap!) night for everyone. If that isn’t enough, we’ll be providing free snacks! They are also launching their Ally Ribbon campaign for LGBTQ history month today. The most important message of the campiagn is that the ribbons show your support for the LGBTQ community, in preparation for the events of next month.

Office Hours

Reginald Popoola – Male education and welfare (condom fairy) – Monday 1-2
Marguerite Walley – Female education and welfare  – Thursday 1-2
Gosia Felisiak – Vice President – Tuesday 10-11
Diego Ortiz – Equal Oppurtunities Monday 12-1

Big Plans for the 15 hour – it’s our 20th bar crawl so make sure you keep 16th Feb free!

Cheers 🙂