Bev’s Hills – Week 4

Morning Furness!

We’re already into Week 4 not really sure how that’s happened! A trio of Mexican jokes for you this morning:

Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff? Tequila!
What did the Mexican put under his carpet? Underlay Underlay!
What do you call four Mexicans in quicksand? Quatro sink-o!

Yes it’s back again! Plans are well underway for this term’s 15 Hour Bar Crawl – Saturday Wk. 5! Tickets are only £6  (t-shirt, entry to all bars and clubs including Sugarhouse who have a guest DJ on!).

Make sure you join the Facebook Event and keep an eye out for ticket sales!

And If you haven’t watched it yet – JCR President Damo er… struts his stuff (I’ll let you see for your own eyes)!



Fancy organising the 15 hour bar crawl and christmas ball or running for a social position at this year’s elections? Then why not run for social secretary for the rest of this term?!

Please email our chairperson Will on or alternatively message him on facebook for more information. Deadline is Tuesday so get your nominations in and the creativity flowing!

Can anyone knock ‘Quiz on Your Face’ off of their perch!? This week we have the I ♥ TREV spooktacular halloween special!

£1 entry fee per person, £50 Cash Prize + Sur-Prize as per usual, the quiz will have a round of Terrifying Trivia, Petrifying Pictures anddd FREE ENTRY to Sugar for the most Frightening Furnessian Costume + 2 friends.

The usual handicaps apply with your team points and the last-place specialist topic, which, this week, is CATS.

7.30 in Trev!


Loads of sports going on this week for you to support and get involved with! This Sunday brings the new look Carter Shield and this week’s sport is DODGEBALL! If you wanna play for the Furness Purple Cobras (I have definitely just made the name up)  then meet at 11:30am in Furness Foyer, and walk down together to the sports centre for 12. Facebook Event

Football A’s take on Lonsdale Wednesday at 2PM

Netball A’s have got County – Tuesday at 6:30PM
Netball B’s also play County – Wednesday at 3PM

Furness take on County in bar sports Monday and Tuesday from 7PM. Make sure you get down to Trev on bar sports day for cheap drinks!

FURST: Furness College Magazine – Michaelmas Edition #1

Furst Web Logo

It’s back! The loved, loathed and critically acclaimed and multiply denounced Furness College JCR Magazine: Furst! It was great to meet our new batch of #FurnessFreshers and a big welcome back to all returning Furnessians. If you haven’t read a Furst before, put on your seat belts, clench your buttocks at the plethora of grammatical. “errors’ and  enjoy the multi-sensory experience. READ IT ONLINE NOW


Look out for paper copies this week (hopefully today) around Furness foyer and in Trev!

Drop-in Sessions

Some of your JCR-exec have drop-in sessions where you can go to tell them about any issues or problems, or if you just fancy a chat!

Rebecca Green – Equal Opportunities – Monday, 1:30PM – 2:30PM in Trev.

Megan Banbery – Education and Welfare – Thursday, 3PM in Trev.

Have a good week, and remember you’re unique just like everybody else.

Bev’s Hills – Week 3


Monday. Rain. News. YAY!

Two cows are stood in the field, one says to the other “Have you heard about this mad cow disease that’s going around?”. The other replies “I’ll be alright mate, I’m a duck”.

Absolutely amazing turn out for the We <3 Trev Furness Pub Quiz! Congratulations to our winning team “Quiz on your face” who were the winners of a £50 cash prize and tapas meal in 1725, and to our losing team “Brantwood” with the consolation of some gorgeous Trev cake and the choice of specialist round for next week “Australia!” Thankyou to everyone involved and see you all next week!! Join the facebook event.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.15.54

Trev turns one in style

It was great to see Trevor packed on Friday to celebrate his birthday! We witnessed some great live music from the Jazz quintet and some unbelievable fingering from Furness’ own Rev Kev (on guitar). Thank you to everyone who came down especially those who had the balls to get up and jam with the band.




Vision TV

Supporting Vision IPTV experiments, a research project developed by researchers and students at Lancaster University and the BBC R&D. 30 live TV channels and 15,000+ on-demand programmes.Your help may shape the future feature of the BBC iPlayer Sign up at to win an Apple TV (winner announced at the end of October 2013). Follow us on Facebook:

Furness Sports

All of our teams got cheated out of victories this week apart from both the Netball teams who won their games against Grizedale! This week the bar sports take on Lonsdale in Trev Monday & Tuesday at 7PM. Football B’s take on Grizedale Saturday at 2PM. Netball girls take on Fylde (shiiittttt) A’s Friday at 5PM and B’s Wednesday at 3PM.

Drop-in Sessions

Some of your JCR-exec have drop-in sessions where you can go to tell them about any issues or problems, or if you just fancy a chat!

Rebecca Green – Equal Opportunities – Monday, 1:30PM – 2:30PM in Trev.

Megan Banbery – Education and Welfare – Thursday, 3PM in Trev.

Thanks for reading just to let you know 15 Hour Bar Crawl is coming Saturday Wk. 5 so keep your eyes peeled for more info about that!


P.s. I love you.

Bev’s Hills – Week 2

Good Morning Furness, and welcome to another instalment of your favourite (and only) college newsletter Bev’s Hills.

It’s freezing, it’s grey and it’s Monday so here is the usual terrible joke to brighten up your week.

A woman has twins, and gives them up for adoption. One of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named “Amal.” The other goes to a family in Spain; they name him “Juan.” Years later, Juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mother. Upon receiving the picture, she tells her husband that she wishes she also had a picture of Amal. Her husband responds, “They’re twins! If you’ve seen Juan, you’ve seen Amal.”

This week it’s College Spirit Week. There’s loads of great events going on with other colleges trying to prove they’re as good as Furness. Check out the LUSU event.

This Friday marks the 1st Birthday of refurbished Trev, so we’re throwing him a birthday party. There’ll be party games, live music and even cake! JAM-IN-FURNESS is happening same time, same place. Paul Palmer a true Furnessian will be playing with his jazz quartet and wants anyone who wants to play to come down too! If you’re just a wonderwall-playing-wannabe like me, come down and watch some great musicians.

Facebook Event.

I <3 Trev Wednesdays is the return of the Furness Pub Quiz. Your social secs Jenny and Layla have been working hard to make your quiz better than ever, with a £50 CASH prize and extra special, super secret surPRIZE. It’s only £1 entry, every Wednesday in Trev at 7:30PM.

Facebook Event

College Hoodies

hoodiesPurple Steel. You’ve probably seen the sea of really, really, good looking people in Furness hoodies. For only £15 or only 50957.42 Uzbekistan Som you can be really really good looking too!

Go down to the JCR office to buy yours today!







Drop-in Sessions

Some of your JCR-exec have drop-in sessions where you can go to tell them about any issues or problems, or if you just fancy a chat!

Rebecca Green – Equal Opportunities – Monday, 1:30PM – 2:30PM in Trev.

Megan Banbery – Education and Welfare – Thursday, 3PM in Trev.

Think that’s everything for this week I’ve probably forgot something but c’est la vie! Have a great week.



Bev’s Hills – Week 1

Good Morning Furness!

Welcome to the exciting, beautifully composed, critically acclaimed newsletter Beverley’s Hills!

My terrible joke of the week:
If cattle had a sense of humour, would they be a laughing stock?

Furness Freshers 2013

Furness became home to 378 new freshers this year and what a week they’ve give us! From the first night new furnessians were getting acquainted with the college chants, and one lucky lady got more than acquainted with the Furness TV Room. Monday night quickly followed with a ghost walk, though you can’t get much more scary than Cartmel girls. After, the paint party in elements, for many the first taste of Lancaster nightlife (and UV paint).

Tuesday was home to the campus bar crawl ending in Cartmel with the silent disco. Wednesday was equally as silent at the movie night without a movie. Thursday brought Her Majesty the Queen (well kind of) to Furness foyer as the official pre-tea before the big night out in Lancaster!  If you could hack it Friday brought the delights of Hustle and Lounge. Saturday everybody scrubbed up well and was looking good for the James Bond casino ending in Elements. Sunday meant the last day of freshers a tons of bbq on the (not so) sunny Windermere boat trip. Afterwards there was a cracking turn-out at the pub quiz, where “All credit to Zoe” won the £50 cash prize and VIP booth in Elements. “Flat 7 sucks” did indeed suck and came in last place.

My milkshakes bring all the boys to Trevor

reggieTrevor – furness bar is now doing milkshakes of all of your favourite chocolate bars!

Trev’s open 11AM – 11PM weekdays selling soft, alcoholic and hot drinks. As well as speciality cakes. It is also home to your weekly pub quiz that will be starting up again Wednesday Wk. 2.

On the evening of the 18th of October join us and Paul Palmer’s quartet once again for the return of our Jam-in-Furness series.

Paul plays regularly at Zefirelli’s in Ambleside, at the Keswick Jazz Festival and last summer he played at Lancaster Jazz. His regular haunt is Hope and Anchor in Ulverston, but he plays throughout Cumbria and Lancashire. You may also remember him from our colleges grand re-opening last November and the first Jam-In-Furness in May!

Read More

Thurd Furst

Furst Web Logo

Me and Piotr your publicity officer are well underway making our third edition of the world renowned Furness magazine. If you haven’t seen them before, or want to reminisce you can view them here. Once again Mrs. Furst the furness resident agony aunt is here to help with any of your problems, make sure you get in touch on ASK.FM – but please no cyber bullying she is a sensitive lady.

If you want to write an article however serious or not you need to get it to me and Piotr by Wednesday at the latest.

Short and sweet for this week, hope you’ve all had an amazing freshers week I’m absolutely gutted it was my last one but I don’t think I can take another one anyway.

Til next week,


College Porters – Paul Davey, Sue Smith, Terry Metcalfe & Joanne Shaw


Terry  Joanne

The College Porters are highly valued members of the College and are important people in College life.  Most students will see more of them than of the other University officers and they provide all sorts of help cheerfully and informally.  The College Porters keep the infamous ‘incident book’ covering everything from noise complaints to inter flat fall outs!  If your actions warrant a mention ‘in the book’, expect a visit from the Deanery – you have been warned!

They can be contacted on 01524 593714.


College Manager – Jo Dickinson

My name is Jo and I am responsible for the day to day running of the College and for the welfare of our students. I work closely with all the College Officers and JCR members to ensure our College and events run smoothly, and our students have a friendly face they can turn to if they have any queries or just want someone to talk to. I hope you have a great time whilst at Lancaster and if I can be of help with anything at all, please pop in and see me.


College Dean – Natalie Miller

Hello, I’m Natalie your College Dean. I’m responsible for making sure that the college is a safe and happy place and I try to ensure rule violations are kept to a minimum. Most of you (I hope) will only see me at social events throughout the year.

Senior Advisor – James Mawdesley

I am the Senior Advisor in Furness College, so I work coordinate FurCAT to ensure that we provide an accessible first point of call with any issue, big or small, which you may have at University. Please do feel free to stop me for a chat as I spend a lot of time in Furness – my ‘day job’ is based in the Faculty of Health and Medicine which is located upstairs in Furness. Away from work, I enjoy fell walking (I am currently working my way through the Wainwright summits in the Lake District), and I am a supporter of Preston North End, which is a mixed bag in terms of enjoyment…