Bev’s Hills WEEK THREE

How are you all doing? Week 3, not sure if I’m ready for it, what about you guys? The work load increased yet? You can do it! I promise!!!


We have halloween movie nights lined up next week (Week 4) on Monday and Tuesday in the TV room to get you all in the spirit. Keep an eye out on Facebook for polls, so you can vote for the movies you want shown!

A week on Sunday there is a 9 college event on the November 5th-Bonfire night. Head down to county square for Music, Fireworks and lots of fun!

Other events for Furness college are coming your way very soon, make sure you have us on all social media platforms to avoid missing out on some fantastic socials and events… details released v v v v v soooooon!

This weeks specialist topic is Legally Blonde, see you in Trev on Wednesday at 7:30 for our weekly pub quizzz


I hope you guys have all seen the events going on througout October, celebrating Black History Month. The festivities haven’t stopped yet , there are plenty more events for you all to go along to. Like the page and click attending to the event, to ensure you dont miss out on anything.

Debate Competiton

The Debating competition is here! If you are interested in representing Furness (T-shirt for all participants😉) follow this link to sign up:

The first training is on the 30th October, if this is something right up your street, or something you fancy giving a go at, now’ your time

Our bar sports teams started off the league against Pendle last week, and are continuing this week against Lonsdale, come on down to show your support in Trev this Monday and Tuesday!

Football and Netball start their tournaments this week also, against County and Lonsdale! COME ON MIGHTY FURNESS

Like and follow the Furness Sport Facebook Page to keep up to date with all sports fixtures


If Scary movies wern’t enough to get you in the Halloween-y mood, we have a pumpkin carving competition on October 29th from 2pm outside Trev. You can purchase a pumpkin from us for £1 or bring your own. A prize will be given to the best one once all are seen lit up in the evening. Let’s get creative guys…



Hasta Luego to you all for another week, if you have any queries, email us, message us or grab any member of the JCR we will be happy to help with your querey or issue, no matter how big or small

Have a good week, see you around loveliesss xxx