Bev’s Hills – WEEK TEN

Here we are, the last week of term one! Week 10!!!!

How fast has this term gone, it’s crazy! But I’m sure we are all excited and ready for a long (and well deserved) break!

Did we all enjoy the snow over the weekend? … or lack of! Bet there was more snowfall in your home town, right? Same!

It is going to be short and sweet this week, as there isn’t much going on…to give us all time to focus on last minute revision and coursework submissions! However, it is with great sadness to announce that it will be THE last Bev’s Hills from Furness College. Our beloved college manager, Bev, is leaving for retirement this week. ;( It¬†is with a heavy heart that the college bids farewell to Bev, Thank you for everything you have done not only for the students, but the staff and JCRs also. Bev you are an Instrumental part of Furness College and will be sorely missed. We wish you the most amazing, happy and relaxed retirement and hope to see you soon…at the Gin Fest, no doubt ūüėČ

Free Breakfast

We have our returning Furness Breakfast this morning, 9am in Furness Foyer, pop on down to get yourself some free food, ready to fuel you for the day!

Winter Ball

In case it has slipped any of your minds…The winter ball is THIS TUESDAY!!!!! I’m v v v excited to get dressed up and enjoy a lovely evening with the college (and a three course meal hehehe). The coaches will be picking us up at 6:30 so please come to Trev for 6:00pm on Tuesday evening and we will all head on over and get the bus collectively.

Also please bring Cash for the bars!

College Sustainability Challenge Opportunity

This team based competition will open early next term. To find out more information here or register your interest now.

-A chance to help Lancaster University become more environmentally sustainable

-An opportunity to win £750 1st prize, £250 2nd prize

-An experience that will give you new skills and impress future employers


There is no quiz this week due to it being week 10, Trev is open as usual though (of course) feel free to come on down and enjoy a few drinks, Wednesday is always a good one in Trevor



This is the Final Term in which the current JCR will be your JCR, we would like to thank you all so much for an amazing year of fun, laughter, memories, love and lots and lots of ‘angels’. This year would not have been as rewarding nor anywhere as near as fantastic without all of you lovely people, THANK YOU!

Before I get all emotional, have an amazing week, a very merry Christmas break and enjoy all the festivities, endless time with family and friends and most importantly take time to chill and rest before the January rush starts!

For one final time…

Bev’s Hills¬† ¬† –¬† ¬† O U T

(this is far too emotional :'( – promise I’m not crying)