Bev’s Hills WEEK SIX

Week 6! How fast is it going?!? This term NEEDS to slow down😅

This week is Global Experiences week with Lancaster Students’ Union. Keep an eye out for all events going on in the square and the colleges throughout the week!
-including our International themed quiz
– on Thursday we are having a wish tree in Furness Foyer where you can come down and add your wish and also add your country of Origin to our World map!
World Wide Pres! Calling all international students! We have an event for you THIS FRIDAY in Lonnie bar, come dressed as your country of origin or just your favourite country… time to get creative!

As a little stress relief, every other Monday from Today at 9 am we will have a free breakfast in Furness Foyer. Good way to fuel yourself ready for a busy week! Courtesy of our Welfare team 

To everyone who came on the 15 Hour I hope you had a really good time! We certainly did! Who made it to 15 hours?!? It was so good to see you all there, both current furnessians and old!!

 Photos will be in our Facebook this week!

Another event we have for you is Take Me Out which is in collaboration with Fylde College, next Thursday, 23rd at 6 in Trev. Let the Windmill see the Mountains!
Sign up sheets bellow:

Nominations open THIS WEDNESDAY and stay open until FRIDAY WEEK 7. Interested in running but want to know more? Message Furness College on Facebook, we will be happy to help!

** Content Warning: Sexual Harassment/Assault

As the #MeToo campaign swept across the internet, it highlighted the lack of focus and information on sexual violence in Lancaster. As part of a campaign to discuss and address this issue we are collecting stories from Lancaster students and staff about their experience.

If you feel comfortable sharing your experiences anonymously, please fill out this survey – If you have any questions or concerns, or would like help finding welfare resources, please contact Women+ Officer Alex Brock at

All Winter Ball tickets have been sold! Keep your eye out over the next few weeks for more information about final payments and seating arrangements.

Hope you all have a motivational Monday and a fantastic week! Until next week, hasta luego