Furness College

Bev’s Hills Week 27

Hello to you all, not sure if last week’s post got to you, it was up on the website but may have been lost in transition to your inboxes, apologies!


How are we all doing? I know I am stressed, writting this as a revision break before Tuesday’s exam. Remember! It’s important to take frequesnt breaks, not only to keep your self sane but to keep your brain sharp and active, breaks help the brain retain information alot easier and faster! If you are struggling with anything, don’t forget you can get in touch with any member of our welfare team here ▼▼▼ You can also email the FURCAT team: furnesscat@lancaster.ac.uk



Could you see yourself running for the JCR? Missed out last time and want to try again? Didn’t feel confident but you are now ready to give it a go? Furness College Needs You! We have 5 of our positions opening up for next term (Michealmas, from October through to December) and it would be amazing for you to get involved and have a go at gaining such a fulfilling role that suts you!

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Pub Quiz

This week our specialist topic is pyjamas, why don’t you come on down to Trev at 7:30 on Wednesday and take part in a good little revision break, even come down in your pyjamas if you so wish 🙂 £1 to play!


AfFree Breakfast

We have our weekly free breakfast running again on thursday this week (8th), next week (15th) and week 9 (22nd) at 10am in Furness foyer, so good to see lots of you there last week, come on down to the foyer for a chat, some free food and relaxation…


We started on exams and are ending on EXTRAV, just like this term! If you missed it on Friday, we released our theme… F U R N E S S  C O L L E G E  P R E S E N T S  M A R D I  G R A S!!!

Hope to see all of you there on the 29th June, in the best carnival attire, tickets go on sale Saturday at 11am (college priority) and later on in the day for you to purchase tickets for other colleges, obvs not Cartmel…who would want to go there 😉 !


This is goodbye for this week, more information about extrav may come your way through email and social media, look out for ticket competitions this week, for a chance to win FREE tickets to THE BEST EXTRAV ON CAMPUS!

To those of you going on the boat trip on Tuesday have an amazing time and enjoy those fish and chips 🙂

Cheerio, see you at afternoon tea 🙂