Bev’s Hills Week 29

WEEK 29! OH MY GOSH, we are nearly at the end of third term, the end of the academic year! How crazy!

How has 2016-2017 been for you all, lets hope its been a good’n?


If you haven’t seen the facebook post, we have filled three of the outstanding positions and the new members will start in October when we return for welcome week.

President: Crisanto Da Cunha

Treasurer: Lewis Williams

Education and Oppurtunities officer: Jiho Yu

Congratulations you three and well done to everyone who husted but missed out on a position, you were all worthy candidates! Everyone else keep an eye out for information regarding the other remaining positions!


Thankyou to Karl last week for saving the day and doing an impromptu quiz for us, and sorry for those who wanted to attend but missed out 🙁

We are back again, business as usual this Wednesday 7:30 in Trev, £1 per person to play

FREE Breakfast

This is the last week of our FREE Breakfast mornings, we will be starting a little later than usual at 11am, hope to see many of you in Furness Foyer enjoying one anothers company, fueling up for the day or nursing a hangover after that end of exams celebatory night out in Sugar.


Congratulations to everyone who got the Extrav tickets they wanted, and to all of you coming to our SELL OUT event. #PartyGras #BestExtravOnCampus! W e cannot wait for next week’s extrav celebrations to commense, keep an eye out for a pintrest board and spotify playlist to get you all in the Mardi Gras Mood!

See you all soon, stay positive, the end is in sight!