Furness College

Bev’s Hills Week 26

Hope you had a good Bank Holiday and used that extra day to your advantage!!! (In terms of revision of course ;))

Term 3 Week 6 – How are we all surviving? Some of you are bound to have finished already…Im so so SO jealous

This week, Uni wide, is WE ARE LANCASTER week, celebrating the incredible level of diversity this university has and the way in which students from all over the world, near and far, can work and live in perfect harmony as a whole Lancaster University Community!

Pub Quiz

As it is We are LAncaster week, what other way to celebrate than to have an international week for our weekly quiz, with the specialist topic being ‘International themed’. Come on down for an evening of Fun, Friendship and Facts…you never know you may win some money! 7:30 start £1 per person to play!


Breakfast Morning

After the success of the French Breakfast a few weeks ago, as mentioned, we are putting on another breakfast morning to give you some time away from all the exam and revision stress. Join the rest of your Furness Family in Furness foyer from 10am this Thursday for some FREE breakfst and a good revision free space



So our page has gone live, any ideas to what the theme may be? Keep your eyes peeled for some more teasers, hints and maybe even some competitions, giving you the chance to win FREE tickets.


Canal Cruise

Next Tuesday, we will be taking a Fish and Chip cruise in Lancaster, £10 a ticket, if intrested pop into see Bev ASAP to order your ticket!


Not much else to report this week, hope you are all well?! If you are struggling with anything make sure you talk to someone about it, whether that be a flatmate, rep, a member of the JCR or the FURCAT team Here is our welfare page for a port of call if you are stuggling with anything and want to message welfare directly, not through the main Furness page!


It’s is past my bed time so night night peeps, see you throughout the week

All the Furness Love <3