Bev’s Hills WEEK NINE

Okay guys let’s not get too stressed, there is plenty of time left to get all of our revision and work in! Week 9 though…how fast has this term gone 😮

 New JCR

On Friday night the election results were read out in Trev, and your new JCR were appointed, thank you to everyone who voted and contributed to the decision of Furness College’s JCR 2018.

Here is the link to the Facebook post!

Trev’s Ale Festival

The 12 beers of Christmas 

This event will be happening from Wednesday until Friday this week; we have 12 Christmas Ales along with various entertainment, there will also be Curry available to buy on Friday night too.

Make sure you come on down 🙂


Head on down to Trev at 7:30 as always to take part in our weekly quiz

Winter Ball

Who is excited? Just one week to go!

The tables have been decided and payments have been collected! If you didn’t get the opportunity to pick your table or pay your final amount, message the Furness Facebook page ASAP


Members of the College took part in the carter shield tournament this weekend. Furness college came second just behind Lonsdale, congrats to everyone who came along both to play and to support us!


Furness Welfare team, as always, are here for you, to help you through anything that is bothering you! Whether it be deadlines, friends, home sickness or any other struggle you may have. Feel free to message the Furness Welfare Page or email for any assistance you may need

Thank you to you all for being fantastic weekly avid readers, have the best week💜


Bev’s Hills WEEK EIGHT

We are in week 8 people…can only mean one thing…CAMPAIGN WEEK!

You will be seeing a lot of campaign pages on Facebook this week along with posters all around the college and other campaign material. Make sure you have a look at them all and come down to Furness College JCR Hustings at 6pm THIS TUESDAY to hear all of our candidates speak and answer your questions, before voting opens on Wednesday!

Debating Competition

The Final is here!!!!!!
Furness will be competing against Fylde in Faraday LT at 6.30pm TODAY, come on down to support and truly show that we are the best college on campus! #mightfurness #superfurness

Free Breakfast

We are back with our free breakfast again this morning at 9 in the Foyer come and get some food to fill up for your day of hard work…or procrastination!

Winter ball’n

The final payments for the Winter Ball will be taking place on Wednesday at 2pm in Trev/TV Room. Make sure you come down to pay the final £19 along with choosing your seats and letting us know of any dietary requirements!


As last weeks’ quiz was cancelled due to the flooding, we are back with our Thanksgiving specialist topic at 7:30 in Trev, see you all there

Colleges Charity Challenge 2018

Whether you’re already involved in fundraising and volunteering, or looking for a good opportunity to boost your student experience and CV – take up the Colleges Charity Challenge next term and see how you can make a difference! It is a great opportunity to

–  support a worthy cause

–  join other students from your college on a shared project

– develop valuable skills such as team work and communication

– gain Lancaster Award points and experience for your CV

– have fun!

“I really enjoyed the experience and have gained a lot from it – not only transferable skills but I’ve also met people from my college and it’s allowed me to get more involved in my college in general.” Madeleine White, County College team 2017.

Register via TARGETconnect to attend the Charity Challenge Info Session on Wednesday 6th Dec 1-2pm in Management School LT4, for more details about the challenge and to meet like-minded students interested in taking part. Refreshments provided!

If you have any questions or can’t attend the info session, you can find out more on Facebook or by emailing

Carter Shield

This week we have the second round of Carter Shield, on Sunday 3rd December, we will be taking part in the Racket Sports Festival (Badminton, Table Tennis and Squash). As always if you are interested, message the sports page to let our sports officers know.


At the end of the week, Friday 6pm the JCR results will be read out in Trev, come on down to see who your next JCR are going to be! Make sure to vote before 4pm on Friday to have your say and make the JCR you want!


Have a good week guys #sauce



Bev’s Hills WEEK SEVEN

Morning Campers, how are we all doing this fine Monday morning? Cold? I was freezing this morning but that means Christmas🎉

Winter Ball

Keep an eye out on our Facebook for more information on the rest of the money collection and table seating arrangements❄️


Want to run for the JCR? Now’s your chance! Follow this link to nominate yourself, make sure you do so before 12pm THIS Friday. If you would like any more information on the roles, feel free to message our Facebook page or speak to a member of the JCR


This will take place on Tuesday 28th and will be where you can hear all of our candidates give their hust and a chance for you to ask any questions before voting opens on the Wednesday☺️

Take Me Out

All applications are in and we will be finalising the details very soon. Make sure you head down to Trev at 7pm on Thursday 23rd for the match making event of the YEAR

Let the windmill see the mountain…


This week’s specialist topic is thanksgiving, ready to get us all in the festive mood

7:30 @ Trev £1 to play, see you all there👋🏼


Next Monday at 9am we have another Free breakfast courtesy of Furness Welfare. Come on down to fuel yourself for a day filled with productivity

15 Hour

Photos are collected and will be up on our Facebook page by the end of this week, how did you all do? Photos will tell the tale…


Use this hashtag to follow our campaign and share your stories!

This week we are launching a campaign to highlight the voices of survivors of sexual violence on our campus and bring change to our campus. Follow along for more ways to get involved with #beheard. We understand this content can be distressing for many survivors, welfare resources can be found here: Furness Welfare and through email with or through the Students’ Union and Women+ Officer Alex Brock (

I hope you all have a brilliant week 7, see you soon xxx

Bev’s Hills WEEK SIX

Week 6! How fast is it going?!? This term NEEDS to slow down😅

This week is Global Experiences week with Lancaster Students’ Union. Keep an eye out for all events going on in the square and the colleges throughout the week!
-including our International themed quiz
– on Thursday we are having a wish tree in Furness Foyer where you can come down and add your wish and also add your country of Origin to our World map!
World Wide Pres! Calling all international students! We have an event for you THIS FRIDAY in Lonnie bar, come dressed as your country of origin or just your favourite country… time to get creative!

As a little stress relief, every other Monday from Today at 9 am we will have a free breakfast in Furness Foyer. Good way to fuel yourself ready for a busy week! Courtesy of our Welfare team 

To everyone who came on the 15 Hour I hope you had a really good time! We certainly did! Who made it to 15 hours?!? It was so good to see you all there, both current furnessians and old!!

 Photos will be in our Facebook this week!

Another event we have for you is Take Me Out which is in collaboration with Fylde College, next Thursday, 23rd at 6 in Trev. Let the Windmill see the Mountains!
Sign up sheets bellow:

Nominations open THIS WEDNESDAY and stay open until FRIDAY WEEK 7. Interested in running but want to know more? Message Furness College on Facebook, we will be happy to help!

** Content Warning: Sexual Harassment/Assault

As the #MeToo campaign swept across the internet, it highlighted the lack of focus and information on sexual violence in Lancaster. As part of a campaign to discuss and address this issue we are collecting stories from Lancaster students and staff about their experience.

If you feel comfortable sharing your experiences anonymously, please fill out this survey – If you have any questions or concerns, or would like help finding welfare resources, please contact Women+ Officer Alex Brock at

All Winter Ball tickets have been sold! Keep your eye out over the next few weeks for more information about final payments and seating arrangements.

Hope you all have a motivational Monday and a fantastic week! Until next week, hasta luego

Bev’s Hills WEEK FIVE

We are halfway through the term already… HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?!

Although the stress of the term might be getting you down and even more so because it’s Week 5, here in Furness College Week 5 only means one thing! 15 HOUR BAR CRAWL.

Tickets go on sale TOMORROW from 11am in the TV room and they are £8 each. The bar crawl itself will also start at 11am in Trev on the 11/11/17. Make sure to get down to the TV Room in plenty of time to ensure you have a ticket!

Furness Welfare

If the stress of Week 5 is becoming hard to manage or any other aspect of uni life, or even anything external that is causing you stress, discomfort or any upset, make sure you speak to someone about it. Whether that be a flat mate/friend or the SCR FURCAT team or even the JCR! We are all there to ensure that you get the best possible experience at university.

If you would prefer, feel free to message the Furness Welfare page: to talk to one of the welfare team directly or to find out any more information on the FURCAT team


Same Place, Same Time…Different Topic :0

This week our specialist topic is Disney <— Make sure you click going to ensure you are kept up to date with all weekly quiz information

University Global Experiences Week

As part of this initiative in Week 6, the Trev Quiz will have an International Theme.

We also have our ‘Where in the World’ event which will take place on Thursday 16h November between 12.00 and 2.00pm in Furness Foyer:

Come and show us on our huge World map of the World, where you are from, tell us a little about where you live, and put a wish on our wish tree to let us know what you hope to get from your time in Lancaster.

There will be free hot chocolate whilst stocks last!

Furness Sport

To keep up to date will all things college sport make sure you have liked our Furness Sport Page!

This weekend we have the first of the annual Carter Shield Events, this time being Sitting Volleyball. This will take place on the 12th November (This Sunday)

If you would like to take part, please message the Furness Sport Page and they will give you all the details!

Candidate Academies

Want to give back to the College or University? Thinking about running for JCR or a PTO?

The Students’ Union are holding a series of talks to give you all more information on the upcoming elections. Click going on the event below to keep up to date with all information regarding this. Hope to see some of you guys there 🙂


Its all going to get a bit fast andf loose with elections jargon over the next few weeks so we thought we'd try and help.

Gepostet von Lancaster University Students' Union am Donnerstag, 2. November 2017


Thats all for this week folks, stay grooooovy

Bev’s Hills WEEK FOUR

Hello to you all, how are you doing? Enjoying Halloween? If not, the cold weather at least? Dare I say it…. It’s beginning to feel a-lot like Christmas!

Well even if you don’t agree, this might change your mind…

Annual Winter Ball

Tickets go on sale, THIS Wednesday in Trev! £29 per ticket, three course meal included, a night definitely not to be missed!


We have our movie screening in the TV room this Tuesday at 7pm! Make sure to vote in the poll ASAP, so the film you want to watch is chosen!

15 Hour Bar Crawl

Our beloved Bar Crawl is back, keep your eyes peeled on our social media for details on the theme release and the date/time of ticket sales! Who is readyyyyy?

Resilience Workshop

You will have received the email from Bev last week but just a reminder that this is a service being put on this Wednesday by the Counciling and Mental health team here at Lancaster University:

Want to cope better? This is the workshop for you!
Learn how to deal better with life’s ups and downs.
Alie Quinn and Shelagh Milligan, from the Wellbeing, Counselling and Mental Health Team, look forward to working with you. They will be focusing on developing confidence and resilience in all areas of life

That’s all for this week folks but as always keep in touch with our Facebook page, your emails from Bev and just general chit chat around the college!

See you at the quiz on Wednesday if not before,

Au Revoir👋🏼

Bev’s Hills WEEK THREE

How are you all doing? Week 3, not sure if I’m ready for it, what about you guys? The work load increased yet? You can do it! I promise!!!


We have halloween movie nights lined up next week (Week 4) on Monday and Tuesday in the TV room to get you all in the spirit. Keep an eye out on Facebook for polls, so you can vote for the movies you want shown!

A week on Sunday there is a 9 college event on the November 5th-Bonfire night. Head down to county square for Music, Fireworks and lots of fun!

Other events for Furness college are coming your way very soon, make sure you have us on all social media platforms to avoid missing out on some fantastic socials and events… details released v v v v v soooooon!

This weeks specialist topic is Legally Blonde, see you in Trev on Wednesday at 7:30 for our weekly pub quizzz


I hope you guys have all seen the events going on througout October, celebrating Black History Month. The festivities haven’t stopped yet , there are plenty more events for you all to go along to. Like the page and click attending to the event, to ensure you dont miss out on anything.

Debate Competiton

The Debating competition is here! If you are interested in representing Furness (T-shirt for all participants😉) follow this link to sign up:

The first training is on the 30th October, if this is something right up your street, or something you fancy giving a go at, now’ your time

Our bar sports teams started off the league against Pendle last week, and are continuing this week against Lonsdale, come on down to show your support in Trev this Monday and Tuesday!

Football and Netball start their tournaments this week also, against County and Lonsdale! COME ON MIGHTY FURNESS

Like and follow the Furness Sport Facebook Page to keep up to date with all sports fixtures


If Scary movies wern’t enough to get you in the Halloween-y mood, we have a pumpkin carving competition on October 29th from 2pm outside Trev. You can purchase a pumpkin from us for £1 or bring your own. A prize will be given to the best one once all are seen lit up in the evening. Let’s get creative guys…



Hasta Luego to you all for another week, if you have any queries, email us, message us or grab any member of the JCR we will be happy to help with your querey or issue, no matter how big or small

Have a good week, see you around loveliesss xxx



Bev’s Hills WEEK TWO

Furness College, how did week one treat you? Loving uni still? Dont worry if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, it will get easier to manage and if not make sure you speak to someone to ensure you have access to the right support.

Look After Your Mate (LAYM)

 We know that students turn to other students when experiencing difficulties and so we will be running several ‘Look After Your Mate’ workshops throughout the term that will give you the necessary tips and tools to support a friend in need. Workshops include 

Key practical tips for supporting a friend 

Spotting signs in a friend  

How to start a conversation  

How to support a friend: Listening and learning.  

Signposting to support  

Looking after your own wellbeing as a supporter

 Best of all, the workshop is FREE!!!  It counts towards the Lancaster Award and is a great addition to your CV. It is also a very valuable workshop for Fresher’s reps, JCR reps and anyone in a supportive role.  

 This workshop has been developed by Student Minds 


As well as the LAYM workshop we have an amazing welfare team here in Furness college, the JCR and FURCAT team will be on hand to talk to you whenever you need! We understand that settling into a new home, meeting new people, moving away and a complete change of life can be confusing, challenging and difficult. We are here to make sure you can get the support, if needed. Along with support for any other issue, no matter how big or small. Especially to help after the first week at uni, for 1st/2nd/3rd.4th years and/or staff!

Email the FURCAT team on

or send a message to our Welfare Page on facebook, or look out for any members of our welfare team, or JCR for that matter 🙂


Thank you to everyone for the amazing turn out to all our sports trials this year! If you missed them and still want to get involved, message our Sports Page on facebook to get in touch with our Sports officers!


The weekly quiz is back again in Trev @ 7:30 on Wednesday! The specialis topic is CHOCOLATE! See you there!


There is a new menu in Trev, including some new Gins, cocktails and much more.

We also now sell toasties and hot chocolate, come in and have a look at our new menu 🙂


Thats all for now folks, have a good week 🙂


Bev’s Hills WEEK ONE

Helllloooo everyone, both new and returning students! Thank you all for such an amazing week last week, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. A welcome week, truly to be remembered!

For those of you who are wondering what on earth you are reading, it is our weekly online news post that gives you all information on what is expected to come in the following weeks.So here goes…

Sports Trials!

Thank you to everyone who came down to our Bar Sport and Table Tennis trials that happened over the weekend, we had such a good turn out and are so excited to be training alongside you all this year!

Do not forget though, we have Football trials TOMORROW @ 5:30, meet in Trev


Netball trials on Wednesday 1-2 or Thursday 7-8 (meet in the Foyer)


Just a reminder that we have an amazing welfare team here in Furness college, the JCR and FURCAT team will be on hand to talk to you whenever you need! We understand that settling into a new home, meeting new people, moving away and a complete change of life can be confusing, challenging and difficult. We are here to make sure you can get the support, if needed. Along with support for any other issue, no matter how big or small.

Email the FURCAT team on

or send a message to our welfare page on facebook, or look out for any members of our welfare team, or JCR for that matter 🙂

Winter Ball

We have our winter ball coming up towards the end of this term, crazy to be thinking about it now right? Only just had our first lectures today hahah. Nevertheless keep your eye out on all promotion and announcements about ticket sales, they sell out fast so make sure you are aware of where to be and when


This term we will be hosting a range of socials similiar to the ones experienced over this welcome week, along with the weekly pub quiz! Keep an eye open on all our social media platforms to ensure you know what is going on…especially our 15 HOUR BAR CRAWL…information being released

Black History Month

Make sure you are getting involved in all the events the students union have to offer. This month they are paying special attention to Black History Month which is this October! Make sure to get involved with as much or as little as you wish 🙂

Again, thank you all for a fantastic Welcome Week, we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out to all events nor a better bunch of freshers to welcome into the Furness Family <3

Also a huge thank you to the Reps from both the SCR and JCR for all your amazing help and support this week! We couldn’t have done it without you, you rock

Always remember; we are loving angels instead 😉

Happy Monday, Happy Week 1, Happy Studying, Happy Society finding and a very big Happy Welcome (back) to Furness College



Bev’s Hills Week 29

WEEK 29! OH MY GOSH, we are nearly at the end of third term, the end of the academic year! How crazy!

How has 2016-2017 been for you all, lets hope its been a good’n?


If you haven’t seen the facebook post, we have filled three of the outstanding positions and the new members will start in October when we return for welcome week.

President: Crisanto Da Cunha

Treasurer: Lewis Williams

Education and Oppurtunities officer: Jiho Yu

Congratulations you three and well done to everyone who husted but missed out on a position, you were all worthy candidates! Everyone else keep an eye out for information regarding the other remaining positions!


Thankyou to Karl last week for saving the day and doing an impromptu quiz for us, and sorry for those who wanted to attend but missed out 🙁

We are back again, business as usual this Wednesday 7:30 in Trev, £1 per person to play

FREE Breakfast

This is the last week of our FREE Breakfast mornings, we will be starting a little later than usual at 11am, hope to see many of you in Furness Foyer enjoying one anothers company, fueling up for the day or nursing a hangover after that end of exams celebatory night out in Sugar.


Congratulations to everyone who got the Extrav tickets they wanted, and to all of you coming to our SELL OUT event. #PartyGras #BestExtravOnCampus! W e cannot wait for next week’s extrav celebrations to commense, keep an eye out for a pintrest board and spotify playlist to get you all in the Mardi Gras Mood!

See you all soon, stay positive, the end is in sight!