Trev’s Times – WEEK FIVE

Furness! Can you believe it’s week 5 already? Doesn’t time fly when you’re stressed and procrastinating? Don’t worry, we’ve got quite a bit going on in the  next few weeks to take your mind off it. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

15 Hour

Thank you to everyone who came on the 15 Hour! We hope you had a great time, and that  you’ve recovered by now. If you got some great pictures with your friends, why not send them over to the Furness College Facebook to add to our collection!


Winter Ball

It’s not long now until our annual Winter Ball at the Netherwood Hotel. It’s great night to get all your friends together, pretend you’re classy, and celebrate the Christmas season in style! Ticket sales close the 3rd December, so don’t miss out! You can buy your ticket here.



Do you want to make an impact on your college? If so, you should run for the Furness JCR! Nominations open week 6, and we will be giving you guys all the information you need on the roles and campaigning. Also, nominations means Hustings is fast approaching – watch this space for more info!



Last week, Furness Bar Sports went up against County! Men’s Darts lost 5-4, A Team Pool lost 5-4, B’s lost 7-2, Women’s Pool lost 6-3 and Women’s darts won 7-0. Doms won 2-1.

For netball, the A team lost 20-17 to Grad, but the B’s won 21-16. Trev’s army lost 28-3 and the Mighty Mountains drew 3-3.

Football A’s lost 4-1 against County, and Table Tennis won 18-1!

This week, Bar Sports take on Bowland! Mondays & Tuesdays: 7pm.

In netball: A’s v Grizedale – Tuesday 7pm, B’s v Grizedale – Wednesday 3pm, Trev’s Army v Red Devils (Bowland) – Thursday 9pm, Mighty Mountains v Law Soc – Friday 7pm.


Student Switch Off

Are you living on campus? Student Switch Off are recruiting for Ambassadors –volunteers who help raise awareness of the energy saving competition across the colleges! They are holding a training session on Wednesday 7th November for anyone who’s interested where you can pick up transferable skills for your CV, as well as get a free Fairtrade T-shirt. No previous experience or knowledge required –just an interest in fighting climate change! This volunteering role is for students living on-campus.
Click here to register.


International Languages Cafe

 Explore communication across cultures and languages while enjoying a free lunch!  Taking place every Friday, these events are open to home students and international students interested in sharing and brushing up any of their language skills, from complete beginners to native speakers. It is a fantastic opportunity for foreign students to share their culture and for all other students to learn and exchange in a relaxed environment. A facilitator will help guide conversations. Friday 9th November – 1pm in the Roundhouse

And that’s it for this week, folks. See you next week!


Trev’s Times – WEEK FOUR

Hello lovely people! We have quite a fun-filled week lined up here at Furness, read on to find out more…

15 Hour Bar Crawl


Tickets are on sale on WEDNESDAY 31st (Halloween!!) from 12pm – 4pm in the Furness TV Room. Tickets are limited so make sure to get there on time, with either your Purple Card or your Library Card and CASH to hand.

Halloween Movie Night

Head down to the TV Room on Thursday night (1st November) from 7:30  – keep your eyes peeled for the poll to vote on which Halloween film you’d most like to watch!

Sports Fixtures

Last week, Furness Bar Sports went up against Lonnie! Women’s Pool won 5-4 and Women’s Darts won 6-1. Men’s A Team Pool lost 6-3, B Team won 8-1 and Men’s Darts lost 7-2.

Table Tennis won 18-1.

Monday 29th:

Women’s Pool, Men’s Darts & Doms – 7pm

Netball B’s – 8pm

Tuesday 30th:

Women’s Darts, Men’s A/B Pool – 7pm

Netball A’s – 6pm

Wednesday 31st:

Football A’s


Trev Quiz is on Wednesday as always – not to be missed! Make it your stop-off before your Halloween night out… and make sure to do your Holmes-work for this one!

Winter Ball

Tickets are on sale NOW for the Furness Winter Ball (linked here)! The ball is taking place at Netherwood Hall on December 11th. We can’t wait to see you there at this magical night! For more information head to the Facebook event page!


Furness needs YOU!

The introduction to the first Inter-College Debating Challenge is taking place on Monday 29th October (tonight!), at 7pm in Bowland North Seminar Room 6.

Although the competition is open to first year students, second and final year students are able to help with planning and research.   If you are interested then do please come along to the induction event!

Resilience Workshop

The Transitions team are running a workshop led by Life Coach Will Medd on November 6th. Head over to the event page to find out more.

Spooky Brews

Board Games and Spooky Brews! Go along and join the Lancaster University Transitions team while taking a break from your studies and enjoy some festive fun!  Tuesday 30th October, 12pm – 2pm in Fylde Common Room.

Aaand that’s just about it! Can’t wait to see you all at these events! Have fun and stay safe Furness, see you next week!


Trev’s Times – WEEK TWO

Hello again, Furnessians! Can you believe that the first week is already over – crazy, right? Hopefully, it has gone well for you and that you’re all settled in for this year whether you’re a first, second, third or even fourth year! Here we are again, to give you the lowdown of what Week 2 has to offer… 




Furness College JCR needs another Socials and Events Officer to work alongside the lovely Alex and Fran who are super excited to welcome newcomers to the team! If you’re interested, please send in your manifesto to the Furness College Facebook page (just send it in a message or attach the file in the message) by WEDNESDAY 17TH OCTOBER!! 

This is such an important role within the college and means you get to have a say in the organisation of events – particularly in the build-up to the 15 Hour… speaking of… 

 The 15 Hour Bar Crawl 

SAVE THE DATE! The infamous Furness 15 Hour Bar Crawl is happening on Saturday, November 3rd, which is in Week 4. Click interested or going on the Facebook event (here) to receive updates… particularly the all-important THEME RELEASE (Coming Soon)!


Now that trials are over, most of the college sports teams have been chosen – well done if you were selected! Here are this week’s fixtures if you’re interested in supporting any of our teams: 

MONDAY 15TH OCTOBER (7pm, Pendle Rooms) 

Men’s Darts 

Women’s Pool 


TUESDAY 16TH OCTOBER (7pm, Pendle Rooms) 

Men’s Pool 

Women’s Darts  

WEDNESDAY 17TH OCTOBER (7pm, Pendle Rooms) 

Table Tennis 



#BiteClub is launching on Tuesday 16th October! It’s a cooking demo for healthy Mexican Rice! You’ll be taught how to make Mexican Rice, get cooking tips and tricks from the university’s head chef, and try the finished dish for yourself afterwards!  

Linked here is the Facebook event page for more information! 

Black History Month 2018 


Black History Month is all about coming together and celebrating African and Caribbean origin in British history. The Student’s Union is hosting a huge range of events open to everyone, which are about celebrating, appreciating, learning and listening. All events are ongoing throughout October, so you can find out more here about what else is going on! 

Get Into Teaching Campaign 

Do you know what to do when you graduate? Sign-up here for free and tailored advice on starting a career in teaching at   

Or for more information, you can email one of the Brand Ambassadors Domenica at 

International Volunteering

Want to learn more about ethical volunteering? Want to support community-based projects abroad? Go to the Intervol welcome talk – Fylde LT2, 7pm, Thursday 25th OctoberThe exec will be holding a presentation on international volunteering projects that are available this summer. The talk will cover how to apply and what’s involved when volunteering with Intervol.

There will be a chance to ask questions and chat to exec members on the day but do feel free to contact us for more information or check out our society page and social media ahead of this. If you cannot make the event please contact us for alternative information.

 Do Good in The Wood 


If you’re interested in volunteering, Do Good in the Wood is for you! It’s the best way to relax and unwind whilst doing something good for the environment and people. The Furness trip is on October 21st so register your interest quickly! More information can be found on the Facebook page, here! 

Phew – I think that’s just about everything. Good luck in Week 2 everyone, especially any of you making your Furness debut in any of our sports teams! See you next week! #MightyFurness

Freshers Countdown… 2 Weeks to Go!

A Guide to Furness College

Following on from last week’s Lancaster Guide post… here is your Furness College Guide! This post will cover general information about Furness College, which is mainly it’s accommodation and location information, events that take place within the college, and college-run sports teams. Prepare to learn about all things Furness and read on to find out about all the great things that you can get involved in through your college during your time at Lancaster.


By now, most of you will have been allocated your accommodation and you’ll have started to find out who will be living in your buildings. Unfortunately, you won’t find out your flatmates until a few days before you move in, but you don’t have much longer to wait! You’ll be aware of Furness accommodation types as you’ve already applied and the accommodation page on the website will tell you more. However, for a brief run through, the “posh” buildings (ensuite accommodation) are the buildings with numbers

All of Furness accommodation is on central campus and is only about a minute walk to the central amenities on campus: Sultans, Spar, Costa as well as the Furness Common Room. The College buildings themselves have the offices of the Furness SCR (for example admin and welfare); the TV Room where all our Chill Factor events will be taking place in Freshers’ Week; the porters’ office where you can get your post and of course our own bar… Trevor! Trevor is the best place on campus to enjoy a tea or a coffee during the day. At the end of the day, it’s a place to relax and socialise. The bar also serves a wide range of wines and ciders! Various events are held in Trev over the year, such as GinFest and Trev Quiz.


The SCR are your Senior College Representatives. The Senior members of the college have a role in managing the college and work closely with the JCR to make sure that the college runs smoothly.

The Porters are your first port of call for almost anything. They provide safety on campus, are available for urgent needs and also to collect your parcels. The Furness Porters are some of the loveliest people you’ll meet, and it’s a good idea to get acquainted with them as soon as you can!

The JCR are your Junior College Representatives. They are there to represent you, organise social activities and keep you informed and aware of all college activities and events. 

For more information go to the People page to view images of what these college members look like so that you have a couple of friendly faces going into Freshers Week!


Even though Furness is the smallest college, it definitely never gets boring! Over the year, the college hosts almost weekly events that welcome all participation ranging from sporting events and competitions to quiz nights and bar crawls – you name it, we do it! Here are a few examples…

TREV QUIZ! The quiz is Furness weekly event that is not to be missed, each week the quiz has a different theme or special topic so anyone and everyone can take part! The quiz runs every Sunday and it is the perfect way to start the week

15 HOUR BAR CRAWL! The Furness 15 Hour Bar Crawl is the college’s notorious event that happens twice a year. You will soon become familiar with Lancaster town centre, and the bar crawl will only help you grow your local knowledge! It’s a great way to bond with the whole of the college, and it is a really enjoyable event for all! It is a ticketed event and it does sell out fast, so keep your eyes peeled on the Furness Facebook page to make sure that you don’t miss out!

SPA NIGHT! The Furness Mountain Retreat was a popular event run in 2018 by Socials Officers Fran and Alex alongside the Welfare Team, and it proved to be a success! A super relaxing event involving face masks and yoga that is sure to make a comeback!

EXTRAV! Furness’ end of year themed festival has been a sell-out event for the past 3 years, rivalling other colleges! Last year’s Extrav theme was Lost College and you can check out some of the pictures from on Instagram (@furnesscolllege). Will you be part of this year’s Extrav?


Starting university and making new friends can be pretty daunting, so why not become part of a Furness sports team! It is the perfect way to socialise, keep fit, and get into the college spirit during your time at Lancaster! Taster sessions and trials for each sports team will be happening in Freshers Week or just after, so keep reading to find out more!

FURNESS NETBALL is so much fun to get involved with, all the girls on the team have so much fun in training, matches and in their socials (check out the team’s Instagram account for more: @FurnessNetball)! The Furness Netball team is great for anyone, of all abilities and whether or not you’ve played before.  Netball trials are held on Sunday the 7th of October, and the girls can’t wait to see you there! There is a Facebook event page if you would like to see more about the event and show your interest.

FURNESS FOOTBALL is a great way to socialise and gain a great group of mates. The football team is competitive but are known for their good sportsmanship and great socials! The football trials are held on October 3rd, the Wednesday in Freshers Week, so look out for more information in group chats… And follow the *unofficial* Instagram @furnesscollege_fc for more.

FURNESS BAR SPORTS is a great way to get involved and to get into the college spirit. It is super informal and super social. The bar sports taster will be held on Saturday, October 6th, so the Saturday of Freshers Week to conclude your first week at Uni, ah!!!

FURNESS TABLE TENNIS is a great way to get involved in table tennis for people of all abilities. Whether you’re a beginner and want to improve your game or if you’re a more advanced player and would like to play competitively Furness College welcomes all to the college table tennis team.  The table tennis team trains twice a week and has an intercollege league every Wednesday. Trials are going to be held on the 8th and 9th from 6:15pm. Contact Daniel Head or Emre Ceyhan if you have any questions!

*Sports trials are mainly to test people’s levels of ability in order to place people in the right teams, and are absolutely no pressure at all and should be seen as fun!

There you have it! That’s the lowdown on the college that you’ll soon be calling home. Hopefully this has helped you all, and that you’re just as excited about joining as we are about having you! As always, send us a message if you have any questions at all!

Freshers Countdown… 4 Weeks to go!

Hey Freshers!
Welcome to the Furness freshers’ blog. In the next couple of weeks leading up to Welcome Week, here is where you can find the information you need to prepare for student life at Lancaster. We will be sharing tips on decorating, on settling into uni life, and giving you guides on both Lancaster and the University so that you will hopefully feel more at ease come Moving In Day! Today, let’s talk decorating!

Decorating your new room at university is such a fun thing to do to really personalise your space and make it your own, as is super important to do when you’re moving into this new and strange place. In Furness, every bedroom is provided with a desk, shelving, drawers, a wardrobe, a bin and a pinboard, and then either a sink in the bedroom or an ensuite toilet, depending on which accommodation you opted for. This means that there is plenty of ways to add originality to your new bedroom! I had the most fun with this because it really felt like the first step to becoming my own person and having my own space. The best advice I can give is to make it super homely, and so that you feel like you always have a piece of your home with you while you are away. This, obviously, can be done in so many ways. One way did this was using the same little air freshener in my room as we use at home, just to have a familiar smell. Here are some other ways that I made my uni room my own…

Pictures and posters! My pinboard in my room was covered with pictures of my friends and family, just as a reminder of home, whereas my flatmates had posters of their favourite TV shows. Little things like this really give you the opportunity to show your personality through your decoration. And, a lot of the time it is a great way to bond with your flatmates as they can act as a great icebreaker!

Fairy lights! These are another fab way to make your room feel very cosy, especially after those long days of lectures when all you really want to do is snuggle down with a cup of tea and watch Netflix and let the rest of the world go on without you for a little while. And, fairy lights are a great alternative to candles, which unfortunately you can’t have in your uni room for fire safety reasons – just make sure that you follow college rules and only use battery pack fairy lights (also for safety reasons)!

A blanket. Going back to the whole homely idea – blankets or throws are the easiest way to make your bedroom super cosy, especially in the winter time!

A plant. As if you don’t already need more responsibility going to uni… Just kidding (sort of)! A plant is a really nice way to bring some life into your room. You could even name it too if you’re missing your pets while you’re away!

Here is an example of how you could decorate your room:

And, to round it off here’s a list of things that you might like to pack with you to make things a little bit easier when you get to uni:
– Doorstop – to keep your door open, obviously. This is something I would consider essential, and open door policy really helped me and my flat bond in the first couple of weeks at uni! (If you forget, you can always use a tea towel and that works just as well)
– Lamp – but no halogen bulbs! (And only battery pack fairy lights, and NO candles)
– Washing basket – this makes things MUCH easier when you have to go down to the laundry
– Extension lead – for all those devices!
– Washing rack
– This one is optional, but one I definitely found useful in standard accommodation, some cheap plastic drawers for the bottom of my wardrobe and a plastic box just for shoe storage!

I think that’s it for now… but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! Really looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Bev’s Hills – WEEK TEN

Here we are, the last week of term one! Week 10!!!!

How fast has this term gone, it’s crazy! But I’m sure we are all excited and ready for a long (and well deserved) break!

Did we all enjoy the snow over the weekend? … or lack of! Bet there was more snowfall in your home town, right? Same!

It is going to be short and sweet this week, as there isn’t much going on…to give us all time to focus on last minute revision and coursework submissions! However, it is with great sadness to announce that it will be THE last Bev’s Hills from Furness College. Our beloved college manager, Bev, is leaving for retirement this week. ;( It is with a heavy heart that the college bids farewell to Bev, Thank you for everything you have done not only for the students, but the staff and JCRs also. Bev you are an Instrumental part of Furness College and will be sorely missed. We wish you the most amazing, happy and relaxed retirement and hope to see you soon…at the Gin Fest, no doubt 😉

Free Breakfast

We have our returning Furness Breakfast this morning, 9am in Furness Foyer, pop on down to get yourself some free food, ready to fuel you for the day!

Winter Ball

In case it has slipped any of your minds…The winter ball is THIS TUESDAY!!!!! I’m v v v excited to get dressed up and enjoy a lovely evening with the college (and a three course meal hehehe). The coaches will be picking us up at 6:30 so please come to Trev for 6:00pm on Tuesday evening and we will all head on over and get the bus collectively.

Also please bring Cash for the bars!

College Sustainability Challenge Opportunity

This team based competition will open early next term. To find out more information here or register your interest now.

-A chance to help Lancaster University become more environmentally sustainable

-An opportunity to win £750 1st prize, £250 2nd prize

-An experience that will give you new skills and impress future employers


There is no quiz this week due to it being week 10, Trev is open as usual though (of course) feel free to come on down and enjoy a few drinks, Wednesday is always a good one in Trevor



This is the Final Term in which the current JCR will be your JCR, we would like to thank you all so much for an amazing year of fun, laughter, memories, love and lots and lots of ‘angels’. This year would not have been as rewarding nor anywhere as near as fantastic without all of you lovely people, THANK YOU!

Before I get all emotional, have an amazing week, a very merry Christmas break and enjoy all the festivities, endless time with family and friends and most importantly take time to chill and rest before the January rush starts!

For one final time…

Bev’s Hills    –    O U T

(this is far too emotional :'( – promise I’m not crying)

Bev’s Hills WEEK NINE

Okay guys let’s not get too stressed, there is plenty of time left to get all of our revision and work in! Week 9 though…how fast has this term gone 😮

 New JCR

On Friday night the election results were read out in Trev, and your new JCR were appointed, thank you to everyone who voted and contributed to the decision of Furness College’s JCR 2018.

Here is the link to the Facebook post!

Trev’s Ale Festival

The 12 beers of Christmas 

This event will be happening from Wednesday until Friday this week; we have 12 Christmas Ales along with various entertainment, there will also be Curry available to buy on Friday night too.

Make sure you come on down 🙂


Head on down to Trev at 7:30 as always to take part in our weekly quiz

Winter Ball

Who is excited? Just one week to go!

The tables have been decided and payments have been collected! If you didn’t get the opportunity to pick your table or pay your final amount, message the Furness Facebook page ASAP


Members of the College took part in the carter shield tournament this weekend. Furness college came second just behind Lonsdale, congrats to everyone who came along both to play and to support us!


Furness Welfare team, as always, are here for you, to help you through anything that is bothering you! Whether it be deadlines, friends, home sickness or any other struggle you may have. Feel free to message the Furness Welfare Page or email for any assistance you may need

Thank you to you all for being fantastic weekly avid readers, have the best week💜


Bev’s Hills WEEK EIGHT

We are in week 8 people…can only mean one thing…CAMPAIGN WEEK!

You will be seeing a lot of campaign pages on Facebook this week along with posters all around the college and other campaign material. Make sure you have a look at them all and come down to Furness College JCR Hustings at 6pm THIS TUESDAY to hear all of our candidates speak and answer your questions, before voting opens on Wednesday!

Debating Competition

The Final is here!!!!!!
Furness will be competing against Fylde in Faraday LT at 6.30pm TODAY, come on down to support and truly show that we are the best college on campus! #mightfurness #superfurness

Free Breakfast

We are back with our free breakfast again this morning at 9 in the Foyer come and get some food to fill up for your day of hard work…or procrastination!

Winter ball’n

The final payments for the Winter Ball will be taking place on Wednesday at 2pm in Trev/TV Room. Make sure you come down to pay the final £19 along with choosing your seats and letting us know of any dietary requirements!


As last weeks’ quiz was cancelled due to the flooding, we are back with our Thanksgiving specialist topic at 7:30 in Trev, see you all there

Colleges Charity Challenge 2018

Whether you’re already involved in fundraising and volunteering, or looking for a good opportunity to boost your student experience and CV – take up the Colleges Charity Challenge next term and see how you can make a difference! It is a great opportunity to

–  support a worthy cause

–  join other students from your college on a shared project

– develop valuable skills such as team work and communication

– gain Lancaster Award points and experience for your CV

– have fun!

“I really enjoyed the experience and have gained a lot from it – not only transferable skills but I’ve also met people from my college and it’s allowed me to get more involved in my college in general.” Madeleine White, County College team 2017.

Register via TARGETconnect to attend the Charity Challenge Info Session on Wednesday 6th Dec 1-2pm in Management School LT4, for more details about the challenge and to meet like-minded students interested in taking part. Refreshments provided!

If you have any questions or can’t attend the info session, you can find out more on Facebook or by emailing

Carter Shield

This week we have the second round of Carter Shield, on Sunday 3rd December, we will be taking part in the Racket Sports Festival (Badminton, Table Tennis and Squash). As always if you are interested, message the sports page to let our sports officers know.


At the end of the week, Friday 6pm the JCR results will be read out in Trev, come on down to see who your next JCR are going to be! Make sure to vote before 4pm on Friday to have your say and make the JCR you want!


Have a good week guys #sauce



Bev’s Hills WEEK SEVEN

Morning Campers, how are we all doing this fine Monday morning? Cold? I was freezing this morning but that means Christmas🎉

Winter Ball

Keep an eye out on our Facebook for more information on the rest of the money collection and table seating arrangements❄️


Want to run for the JCR? Now’s your chance! Follow this link to nominate yourself, make sure you do so before 12pm THIS Friday. If you would like any more information on the roles, feel free to message our Facebook page or speak to a member of the JCR


This will take place on Tuesday 28th and will be where you can hear all of our candidates give their hust and a chance for you to ask any questions before voting opens on the Wednesday☺️

Take Me Out

All applications are in and we will be finalising the details very soon. Make sure you head down to Trev at 7pm on Thursday 23rd for the match making event of the YEAR

Let the windmill see the mountain…


This week’s specialist topic is thanksgiving, ready to get us all in the festive mood

7:30 @ Trev £1 to play, see you all there👋🏼


Next Monday at 9am we have another Free breakfast courtesy of Furness Welfare. Come on down to fuel yourself for a day filled with productivity

15 Hour

Photos are collected and will be up on our Facebook page by the end of this week, how did you all do? Photos will tell the tale…


Use this hashtag to follow our campaign and share your stories!

This week we are launching a campaign to highlight the voices of survivors of sexual violence on our campus and bring change to our campus. Follow along for more ways to get involved with #beheard. We understand this content can be distressing for many survivors, welfare resources can be found here: Furness Welfare and through email with or through the Students’ Union and Women+ Officer Alex Brock (

I hope you all have a brilliant week 7, see you soon xxx

Bev’s Hills WEEK SIX

Week 6! How fast is it going?!? This term NEEDS to slow down😅

This week is Global Experiences week with Lancaster Students’ Union. Keep an eye out for all events going on in the square and the colleges throughout the week!
-including our International themed quiz
– on Thursday we are having a wish tree in Furness Foyer where you can come down and add your wish and also add your country of Origin to our World map!
World Wide Pres! Calling all international students! We have an event for you THIS FRIDAY in Lonnie bar, come dressed as your country of origin or just your favourite country… time to get creative!

As a little stress relief, every other Monday from Today at 9 am we will have a free breakfast in Furness Foyer. Good way to fuel yourself ready for a busy week! Courtesy of our Welfare team 

To everyone who came on the 15 Hour I hope you had a really good time! We certainly did! Who made it to 15 hours?!? It was so good to see you all there, both current furnessians and old!!

 Photos will be in our Facebook this week!

Another event we have for you is Take Me Out which is in collaboration with Fylde College, next Thursday, 23rd at 6 in Trev. Let the Windmill see the Mountains!
Sign up sheets bellow:

Nominations open THIS WEDNESDAY and stay open until FRIDAY WEEK 7. Interested in running but want to know more? Message Furness College on Facebook, we will be happy to help!

** Content Warning: Sexual Harassment/Assault

As the #MeToo campaign swept across the internet, it highlighted the lack of focus and information on sexual violence in Lancaster. As part of a campaign to discuss and address this issue we are collecting stories from Lancaster students and staff about their experience.

If you feel comfortable sharing your experiences anonymously, please fill out this survey – If you have any questions or concerns, or would like help finding welfare resources, please contact Women+ Officer Alex Brock at

All Winter Ball tickets have been sold! Keep your eye out over the next few weeks for more information about final payments and seating arrangements.

Hope you all have a motivational Monday and a fantastic week! Until next week, hasta luego