Bev’s Hills WEEK TWO

Furness College, how did week one treat you? Loving uni still? Dont worry if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, it will get easier to manage and if not make sure you speak to someone to ensure you have access to the right support.

Look After Your Mate (LAYM)

 We know that students turn to other students when experiencing difficulties and so we will be running several ‘Look After Your Mate’ workshops throughout the term that will give you the necessary tips and tools to support a friend in need. Workshops include 

Key practical tips for supporting a friend 

Spotting signs in a friend  

How to start a conversation  

How to support a friend: Listening and learning.  

Signposting to support  

Looking after your own wellbeing as a supporter

 Best of all, the workshop is FREE!!!  It counts towards the Lancaster Award and is a great addition to your CV. It is also a very valuable workshop for Fresher’s reps, JCR reps and anyone in a supportive role.  

 This workshop has been developed by Student Minds 


As well as the LAYM workshop we have an amazing welfare team here in Furness college, the JCR and FURCAT team will be on hand to talk to you whenever you need! We understand that settling into a new home, meeting new people, moving away and a complete change of life can be confusing, challenging and difficult. We are here to make sure you can get the support, if needed. Along with support for any other issue, no matter how big or small. Especially to help after the first week at uni, for 1st/2nd/3rd.4th years and/or staff!

Email the FURCAT team on

or send a message to our Welfare Page on facebook, or look out for any members of our welfare team, or JCR for that matter 🙂


Thank you to everyone for the amazing turn out to all our sports trials this year! If you missed them and still want to get involved, message our Sports Page on facebook to get in touch with our Sports officers!


The weekly quiz is back again in Trev @ 7:30 on Wednesday! The specialis topic is CHOCOLATE! See you there!


There is a new menu in Trev, including some new Gins, cocktails and much more.

We also now sell toasties and hot chocolate, come in and have a look at our new menu 🙂


Thats all for now folks, have a good week 🙂


Bev’s Hills WEEK ONE

Helllloooo everyone, both new and returning students! Thank you all for such an amazing week last week, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. A welcome week, truly to be remembered!

For those of you who are wondering what on earth you are reading, it is our weekly online news post that gives you all information on what is expected to come in the following weeks.So here goes…

Sports Trials!

Thank you to everyone who came down to our Bar Sport and Table Tennis trials that happened over the weekend, we had such a good turn out and are so excited to be training alongside you all this year!

Do not forget though, we have Football trials TOMORROW @ 5:30, meet in Trev


Netball trials on Wednesday 1-2 or Thursday 7-8 (meet in the Foyer)


Just a reminder that we have an amazing welfare team here in Furness college, the JCR and FURCAT team will be on hand to talk to you whenever you need! We understand that settling into a new home, meeting new people, moving away and a complete change of life can be confusing, challenging and difficult. We are here to make sure you can get the support, if needed. Along with support for any other issue, no matter how big or small.

Email the FURCAT team on

or send a message to our welfare page on facebook, or look out for any members of our welfare team, or JCR for that matter 🙂

Winter Ball

We have our winter ball coming up towards the end of this term, crazy to be thinking about it now right? Only just had our first lectures today hahah. Nevertheless keep your eye out on all promotion and announcements about ticket sales, they sell out fast so make sure you are aware of where to be and when


This term we will be hosting a range of socials similiar to the ones experienced over this welcome week, along with the weekly pub quiz! Keep an eye open on all our social media platforms to ensure you know what is going on…especially our 15 HOUR BAR CRAWL…information being released

Black History Month

Make sure you are getting involved in all the events the students union have to offer. This month they are paying special attention to Black History Month which is this October! Make sure to get involved with as much or as little as you wish 🙂

Again, thank you all for a fantastic Welcome Week, we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out to all events nor a better bunch of freshers to welcome into the Furness Family <3

Also a huge thank you to the Reps from both the SCR and JCR for all your amazing help and support this week! We couldn’t have done it without you, you rock

Always remember; we are loving angels instead 😉

Happy Monday, Happy Week 1, Happy Studying, Happy Society finding and a very big Happy Welcome (back) to Furness College



Bev’s Hills Week 29

WEEK 29! OH MY GOSH, we are nearly at the end of third term, the end of the academic year! How crazy!

How has 2016-2017 been for you all, lets hope its been a good’n?


If you haven’t seen the facebook post, we have filled three of the outstanding positions and the new members will start in October when we return for welcome week.

President: Crisanto Da Cunha

Treasurer: Lewis Williams

Education and Oppurtunities officer: Jiho Yu

Congratulations you three and well done to everyone who husted but missed out on a position, you were all worthy candidates! Everyone else keep an eye out for information regarding the other remaining positions!


Thankyou to Karl last week for saving the day and doing an impromptu quiz for us, and sorry for those who wanted to attend but missed out 🙁

We are back again, business as usual this Wednesday 7:30 in Trev, £1 per person to play

FREE Breakfast

This is the last week of our FREE Breakfast mornings, we will be starting a little later than usual at 11am, hope to see many of you in Furness Foyer enjoying one anothers company, fueling up for the day or nursing a hangover after that end of exams celebatory night out in Sugar.


Congratulations to everyone who got the Extrav tickets they wanted, and to all of you coming to our SELL OUT event. #PartyGras #BestExtravOnCampus! W e cannot wait for next week’s extrav celebrations to commense, keep an eye out for a pintrest board and spotify playlist to get you all in the Mardi Gras Mood!

See you all soon, stay positive, the end is in sight!



Bev’s Hills Week 28

WE CAN DO IT! Only one week and a half left of quite period, meaning the majority of your exams will be over and done with, (sorry Medic students, we wish you all the luck continuing past next week!)


Tomorrow we have our hustings event followed by our general meeting, come on down to Fylde lecture theater 1 at 6pm to hear the candidate’s speeches and the answers to your questions. The general meeting  will include important information moving forward into the next academic year so high attendence would be fantastic . Oh also there is free pizza, if you wern’t already convinced on coming, you sure are now!

Pub Quiz

Weekly Pub Quiz, in Trev 7:30, £1 per person to play…see you there 🙂

Free Breakfast

Continuing with our thursday mornings, see you in Furness Foyer at 10am, everyone welcome, any college, bring your friends along!


Okay, so ticket sales didn’t run as smoothly on Saturday as they could have done, but the problem has been resolved and sales should be up and running again later today! We will keep you all updated on the event as to when and how ticket purchases can be done.

Tickets will be bought through the lusu website ( To speed up the process make sure you are already logged into your account!…/furness-c…/events/furness-college-extrav

This is all for now Furnessians, good to catch up, hope you all all well, remember our JCR Welfare and FURCAT teams are always on hand to help with any thing you are worried or concerned about!

See you at hustings!!!!

Auf Wiedersehen


Bev’s Hills Week 27

Hello to you all, not sure if last week’s post got to you, it was up on the website but may have been lost in transition to your inboxes, apologies!


How are we all doing? I know I am stressed, writting this as a revision break before Tuesday’s exam. Remember! It’s important to take frequesnt breaks, not only to keep your self sane but to keep your brain sharp and active, breaks help the brain retain information alot easier and faster! If you are struggling with anything, don’t forget you can get in touch with any member of our welfare team here ▼▼▼ You can also email the FURCAT team:


Could you see yourself running for the JCR? Missed out last time and want to try again? Didn’t feel confident but you are now ready to give it a go? Furness College Needs You! We have 5 of our positions opening up for next term (Michealmas, from October through to December) and it would be amazing for you to get involved and have a go at gaining such a fulfilling role that suts you!

18818004_1690956334266994_1990363252_o            positions poster-page0001

Pub Quiz

This week our specialist topic is pyjamas, why don’t you come on down to Trev at 7:30 on Wednesday and take part in a good little revision break, even come down in your pyjamas if you so wish 🙂 £1 to play!

AfFree Breakfast

We have our weekly free breakfast running again on thursday this week (8th), next week (15th) and week 9 (22nd) at 10am in Furness foyer, so good to see lots of you there last week, come on down to the foyer for a chat, some free food and relaxation…


We started on exams and are ending on EXTRAV, just like this term! If you missed it on Friday, we released our theme… F U R N E S S  C O L L E G E  P R E S E N T S  M A R D I  G R A S!!!

Hope to see all of you there on the 29th June, in the best carnival attire, tickets go on sale Saturday at 11am (college priority) and later on in the day for you to purchase tickets for other colleges, obvs not Cartmel…who would want to go there 😉 !


This is goodbye for this week, more information about extrav may come your way through email and social media, look out for ticket competitions this week, for a chance to win FREE tickets to THE BEST EXTRAV ON CAMPUS!

To those of you going on the boat trip on Tuesday have an amazing time and enjoy those fish and chips 🙂

Cheerio, see you at afternoon tea 🙂


Bev’s Hills Week 26

Hope you had a good Bank Holiday and used that extra day to your advantage!!! (In terms of revision of course ;))

Term 3 Week 6 – How are we all surviving? Some of you are bound to have finished already…Im so so SO jealous

This week, Uni wide, is WE ARE LANCASTER week, celebrating the incredible level of diversity this university has and the way in which students from all over the world, near and far, can work and live in perfect harmony as a whole Lancaster University Community!

Pub Quiz

As it is We are LAncaster week, what other way to celebrate than to have an international week for our weekly quiz, with the specialist topic being ‘International themed’. Come on down for an evening of Fun, Friendship and Facts…you never know you may win some money! 7:30 start £1 per person to play!

Breakfast Morning

After the success of the French Breakfast a few weeks ago, as mentioned, we are putting on another breakfast morning to give you some time away from all the exam and revision stress. Join the rest of your Furness Family in Furness foyer from 10am this Thursday for some FREE breakfst and a good revision free space


So our page has gone live, any ideas to what the theme may be? Keep your eyes peeled for some more teasers, hints and maybe even some competitions, giving you the chance to win FREE tickets.

Canal Cruise

Next Tuesday, we will be taking a Fish and Chip cruise in Lancaster, £10 a ticket, if intrested pop into see Bev ASAP to order your ticket!


Not much else to report this week, hope you are all well?! If you are struggling with anything make sure you talk to someone about it, whether that be a flatmate, rep, a member of the JCR or the FURCAT team Here is our welfare page for a port of call if you are stuggling with anything and want to message welfare directly, not through the main Furness page!

It’s is past my bed time so night night peeps, see you throughout the week

All the Furness Love <3


Bev’s Hills Week 25

Furnessians I am writting this on the back end of a 12 hour stint in the library, I hope exam season isn’t treating you all like this? Make sure you are taking regular breaks, eating properly and having a good nights sleep. Sounds repetitive but so so important!!!

Revision Breaks

Hope you all got a chance to colour in on the LUSU provided colouring board this week, and took advantage of the chilled out events in Alex square along with the free clear pencil cases and fuit in the library. They may still be there this week, but if not head into LUSU if you are in need of that all essential clear pencil case for your exams over the next few weeks.

We are hoping to bring an event similair to the French breakfast to the Furness Foyer next week, details about this will continue to be filtered through, so keep your eyes pealed.

Canal Cruise

As mentioned last week, tickets can be collected from Bev and will be £10 for a fish and chip canal cruise on  Tuesday 6th June, departing at 19:00 and returning at 22:00. In any need of further information, refer to last weeks post, our facebook page, message one of the JCR or pop into see Bev 🙂


Furness Sport

Thankyou to all who were involved in both The Richard Slatter Tournament and Carter Shield event this weekend. I heard only good things from all who attended both events, photographs from these events will be up within this week (I can only apologise for the delay). Thankyou to the sports officers for putting on and getting the college involved in these two wonderful events. Furness Truly Is The Best College On Campus!

Pub Quiz

The Pub Quiz is back again with the specialist topic being Monty Python, In Trev, 7:30, £1 to play…same as always, hope to see you there 🙂


okay, this is the time you have all been waiting for, the first release of Furness’ Extrav, you may have seen other colleges post their videos and photos over the last week…

We thought we would keep you in suspense just that little bit longer…keep a look out on facebook/instagram/snapchat and around (whats left of) the spine

I wish you all a wonderful week filled with success, love and enjoyment

Thats all from me until next week

*Waving emoji*




Bev’s Hills Week 24

Week 24 is here, are you ready for it? Course you are 🙂

Hope the French breakfast was enjoyed by all who attended, keep an eye out for more similair events coming to the Furness Foyer over the next 4/5 weeks. I suggested Tibetan food, what do you guys think? Any suggestions send them in via Facebook or email me (

Pub Quiz

This Weeks pub quiz is ran by the LGBTQ+ society with this being the specialist topic also, check out the Facebook event for more details. Wednesday at 7:30 in Trevor, £1 per person to play:)


EXTRAVVVVV, Furness Extrav will be on Thursday June 29th… Im already so excited about it, and I’m sure all of you are too, keep your eyes peeled, theme release is just around the corner…

Canal Cruise Tuesday 6th June

Have you ever been on a canal boat?  Do you want to give it a try?  We are once again taking to the canal for an evening of fun and relaxation.  There are limited spaces for this event, so don’t miss out, come to the office and book your place.

Lancaster Northbound Lune Aqueduct Sunset Fish & Chip Cruise (subsidised cost £10pp)

Depart at 19:00 from opposite The Water Witch Pub in Lancaster. The boat returns to Lancaster for 22:00.


General Election

The UK general election will take place on 8 June 2017. Are you registered to vote?

Don’t miss out. Think ahead and make sure you can vote.

Furness Sport on Campus

The Annual Richard Slatter Tournament is back this Saturday in Trev from 12-6, come on down, limited to 48 places and priority to Furness Alumni and Students/Staff of course

Carter Shield is baccccckkk, THIS SUNDAY!

Keep an eye out on Facebook for the details and message the sports page or our officers (Pippa Jones and Tom Davison) to get involved

Thats all for now folks, stay grooooovy





Bev’s Hills Week 23

Furnessians, how is it week 3 already? :O Last week’s weather was good to us nontheless, for those of us who managed to break away from revision, even for just a few minutes and enjoy the sun.

Here is what we have coming up in the next few weeks:

French Breakfast

10am TOMORROW in Furness Foyer we have Free French Food for you all to come and enjoy, courtesy of our international officer and educaion officer. It is a good time for you to come down with your friends, see some familiar faces and just enjoy some time relaxing, and getting away from the stress of term 3, or even fuel yourself for the exam of the day!


Pub Quiz

We <3 Trev Wednesdays: Pub Quiz! Would we ever not have one? This week’s specialist topic is the one and only FURNESS COLLEGE #TheMountainRises. Come on down for an evening of fun and all things Furness, 7:30 in Trev, £1 to play 

Furness Welfare

We have our welfare team on hand whenever you may need them, whether you are feeling lonely, stressed, or just have a concern don’t be affraid to send them a message or contact a member of the FURCAT team:)

Like the Furness Welfare page on Facebook for study tips, welfare advice and for an area that makes it easier for you to contact the welfare team directly. 

Richard Slatter

The time is here for the annual pool tournament in memory of Richard Slatter. On Saturday 20th May, registration starts at 12pm and is open to everyone, limited number of places to 48 on a first come first allocated basis. (Furness students and alumni have priority when entering the tournament). Click on the link below and click going!

Thankyou for reading, thats all until next week

au revoir


Bev’s Hills Week 22

Hello everyone, hope your bank holiday lived up to it’s expectations and those who attended roses had a spectacular time and if not, I still hope you had a fantastic weekend.

With the term well underway, I’m sure alot of you are bogged down with revision and exams, next week we have a nice revision break for you. A French Breakfast from 10am in Furness Foyer, on Tuesday 9th May! Come on down and get fuelled for your exam/revision filled day. An excellent way to start off the day with familiar faces and a french feast.


Pub Quiz

We have our pub quiz event at same time and same place : We <3 Trev Wednesdays! This week’s specialist topic is World War II, another good way of spending your much needed revision break time! £1 to play, come on down at 7:30 and join in the Trev fun, in this weeks quizzzzzzz (According to your president there are not enough Z’s in this)

Revision Tips brought to you by your VP’s:

  1. Sit at a proper desk
  2. Don’t just read your notes, write things down!
  3. Take time out to relax and forget about revision
  4. Find the right environment to revise
  5. Get yourself drinks and snacks

This is it for this week, just remember it’s only three days till Friday and only one until the quiz 😉 what could be better?

Hasta Luego