Alexander Willcott


Alex Willcott - Education and Opportunities

Hi guys! My name is Alex or Alexander – I don’t mind either. I’m a third year sociology student and I am your Education and Opportunities Officer for 2017! I am also a member of the welfare team, so not only can you come to me for help with how to manage university work and how to prepare for exams, you can come to me for any other problems and I will sign post you in the best direction for help. As your Education and Opportunities Officer, I can also help with finding the right opportunities that will aid your degree by using the placement opportunities LUSU have to offer, as well as helping you with your personal development such as the Lancaster Award and the Mind Your Own Business endeavour.

If you want to know more or just want to talk, you can find me in Trev, or in the library buried in dissertation work, but I’m always willing to procrastinate that little bit more to help someone out 🙂