Trev’s Times – WEEK TWENTY-SIX

Hey there, Furnessians! Bit of late one this week, apologies for that. Week 26 is here! Every week we’re here talking about how quickly the term flies but seriously, how quickly is this term flying? Some of us graduate this July…terrifying. Anyway, this is what’s going on this week…



Reminder to NOMINATE yourself for BY-ELECTIONS by 12pm TODAY!!! If anyone’s considering it but isn’t sure, we definitely think you should go for it. It’s a great chance to take up more responsibility and do your bit for the college. Send in your manifesto here NOW!!


Carter Shield

Carter Shield is back this Sunday with Mixed Touch Rugby!! Take a break from exams (or celebrate finishing them) by getting out there in the fresh air and playing! 1-3pm, message the sports page for more details or to sign up!



Okay so now you know the extrav theme…HOW EXCITED IS EVERYONE?!! We’re so happy to be presenting Summer Lovin’ in Furness! It’s gonna be a great night, and you don’t even know the half of it! Keep an eye on the Furness Facebook and Instagram for all the updates and announcements, and trust us, there’s some good ones coming!!

While we’re here, a massive thank you to Tom Winrow, Aiden Handley-Griggs, Shannon McCaul, Beth Mapley, Emily Reed, Louise Browning and Nicola Hall for starring in the video. Also, a big loving shout out to Holly Phillips, Harriet Phipps and Georgie Zowonu for helping out with filming. We hope you guys liked the video!!


Charity Korfball Tournament!

Have fun while raising money for charity this June with a Korfball tournament! Georgia Smith is fundraising to climb Mt Kenya to raise money for the charity Dig Deep, a water sanitation charity working in vulnerable areas of Kenya. She is organising a Korfball tournament on Saturday 8th June to do so! It’s £2 to take part, the rules will be explained on the day  and there will be prizes for the winning team. She will be organising teams of mixed ability so why not sign up! Email to sign up by 2nd June!



Speaking of Charity, just taking a moment to plug another great cause. LuDans  are raising money for Mind and the Burchill Trust, as well as for their own competitions with a dance competition! That’s right, they’re asking for societies and sports teams (I’m looking at you, Furness FC) to nominate a few people to pick a song, a dance style and let LuDanS teach you a routine that you will perform for the chance to be crowned GOT TO DANCE WINNERS 2019! For all information, go to the event page. How exciting!!!


And that’s it for this week, folks! Well done to everyone who has finished (or is still finishing) their exams! Remember – nominate yourself for BY-ELECTIONS!! See you next week!

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